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Music engineering, composition, and production


Originally from San Diego, Tareq Almulaifi earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the University of Louisiana. He has lived in many countries, including Japan, Syria, Germany, and Argentina. Today, he lives in Kuwait, where he plays a key leadership role as founder and President of Mulaifi International, an import and export company that has a unique, utility-based approach to the business. Along with utility, Tareq Almulaifi and his fellow professionals at Mulaifi International seek to provide their customers with the best in customer service. The company handles the import and export of everything from construction materials to health products. Personally interested in music engineering, production, and composing, Tareq Almulaifi took a job at the outset of his career as a public relations executive at a music club in Lafayette, Louisiana, from 2004 until 2005. Before going on to work in the real estate industry, Tareq Almulaifi would serve as a Marketing Executive at Catch 22 Films in Lafayette and as an Alternative Marketing Executive at Global Investment House in Kuwait City, Kuwait. From 2010 until 2011, Tareq Almulaifi brought his wealth of experience in marketing, public relations, and business to a position as a Real Estate Salesperson at Rapid Realty Real Estate in New York City. In this role, Almulaifi handled listings of commercial and residential properties in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan and established himself as a leading salesperson in retail commercial properties.

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Mulaifi International



Bachelor of Science

University of Louisiana