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Sep 2013Present

Frim HR & Administrator

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP (Blakes)

As one of Canada's top business law firms, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP (Blakes) provides exceptional legal services to leading businesses in Canada and around the world. Blakes focuses on building long-term relationships with clients. Blakes does this by staying true to our Guiding Principles and providing unparalleled client service and the highest standard of legal advice, always informed by the business context.

Key duties and responsibilities:

● Supervising and coordinating activities of staff. ● Conducting orientation programs for new employees. ● Administrating salaries and work out leave entitlements. ● Preparing timesheets, overtime hours and business trips budget. ● Be involved in staff training and development, the preparation of jobdescriptions, staff assessments and promotions. ● Preparing annual estimates of expenditure, maintaining budgetary and inventory controls and making recommendations to management. ● Maintaining management information systems(manual or computerized.) ● Locating suitable business premises and negotiate reasonable leasing agreements. ● Providing and maintaining business premises and other facilities including plant machinery and equipment. ● Reviewing and answering correspondence-National & International cases. ● Providing executive services for committees/company board.

Apr 2012Sep 2013

Head of Human Resources Department

Al Ruqee Group
Key duties and responsibilities as Head of HR: ● Identifying and recruiting on a timely and organized basis the talent needed to help the organization move its clients' businesses ahead. ● Developing, recommending and maintaining competitive and creative compensation programs for all employees. ● In collaboration with department heads, creating effective performance and reviewing related ones which are designed to measure individual performance and to identify opportunities for improvement and challenges ● Identifying, recommending and, as necessary, conducting programs intended to aid individuals and groups in improving their job performance. ● Reviewing, developing, recommending and administrating cost-efficient, appropriate benefit programs. ● Identifying high potential employees. ● Developing career programs for those important to our continual growth as a company. ● Establishing appropriate programs and timelines to assist a smooth transition for those who may be entering or exiting their positions. ● Identifying, recommending, implementing/coordinating programs to encourage the maximum productivity of employees, both as individuals and as members of a team. ● Functioning as counsel to individual employees, department heads and top management. ● Equitably treatment of all employees within a business context. ● Reviewing cost impact of all programs on the financial health of the organization. Other Responsibilities: ● Developing effective relationships with all departments throughout. ● Pursuing professional growth opportunities. ● Participating in, and seeking leadership roles within companies in the market and activities which help the organization in the industry and community.
Mar 2009Apr 2012

Business Development Director

Mena Business Services

Business Development Director, MENA Khobar, Saudi Arabia— (SAP & IT-Saudi Aramco Project) MENA Business services, is an outsourcing company providing services such as (Contact Center, Medical Transcription, Training and Business Consultancy) to private organizations and government sectors. As a Business Development Director, am responsible for identifying and developing business opportunities for the company and creative solutions in such fields as well as creative services.

Key duties and responsibilities as BDD:

● Preparing the annual Business Development Plan; as well as the annual Work Plan. ● Lead and develop staff by identifying training needs. ● Defining and following up of yearly targets and objectives. ● Developing and implementing strategies for new products and services. ● Determining new opportunities by analyzing business needs. ● Providing directions, guidance to the department to ensure alignment/s with the Company strategies. ● Pro-actively hunt for target organizations and establish communications with those businesses that can benefit from our Company services. ● Further develop multi-tier relationships to organically grow the clients' accounts. ● Building referral and lead generation network. ● Developing the corporate service strategy. ● Developing and managing marketing tools and collateral for existing and new clients. ● Implementing business models so as to create new ventures. ● Adopting a hands-on approach in monitoring the implementation and execution of marketing programs.

Mar 2009Apr 2012

Compensation & Benefits Manager

Mena Business Services

SAP & IT-Saudi Aramco Project:

As a Compensation and Benefits Manager, am responsible for developing, implementing and administrating company's payroll, EOS, rewards, benefits policies and manpower solutions in shortage period/s; this includes salaries and bonuses plus employee benefits such as pensions. Medical insurance, profit sharing, company cars and packages may also be in area of responsibility.

Key duties and responsibilities as CBM:

● Monitoring the organization's salary structure and benefits provision to ensure a balance between controls of costs and attracting and retaining staff. ● Researching and analyzing salary rates and benefits offered by other employers in the same sector. ● Undertaking job evaluations to ensure that the differences in pay between those doing different jobs within the organization are fair and are perceived to be equal. ● Making recommendations on changes to pension and insurance schemes. ● Identifying and determining the causes of personnel problems and developing recommendations for improvement. ● Developing and implementing new benefit packages, ensuring that these are current and competitive and in line with legal requirements. ● Negotiating with union representatives(HR Department) on issues relating to pay and benefits. ● Managing the payroll system and ensuring the accurate information reflects in payroll database, verifying, and providing inputs regarding data and pay changes. ● Preparing invoices and payment related to payroll reporting. ● Developing and maintaining personnel record systems in accordance with current legislation. ● Reducing as much as possible the turn over. ● Creating a favorable first impression for the new hire with HR department. ● Helping the new hire to see where they fit in with HR department, if needed.

Jul 2006Mar 2009

Business Development Manager

Al Jehat Co

Al Jehat Co formed as a specialist surveying and mapping organization. Al Jehat has expanded over the past few years' decades into various disciplines with an emphasis on high technology products and services. Moreover, information technology, training, specialists and consultants' manpower services are an integral and important part of the organization business.

Key duties and responsibilities as BDM:

● Supporting senior management in augmenting sales strategies and targets. ● Implementing preconceived sales development strategies. ● Managing pre-allocated budgets. ● Developing new sales relationships to increase business volume. ● Analyzing competent market activity and trends. ● Identifying and exploiting business opportunities. ● Bringing in new customers while retaining existing ones. ● Studying the market to provide focused well-researched forecasts that will support the company's business planning.

Feb 2003Jul 2006

Senior Payroll Specialist

Al Jehat Co

(SAP Application Dept.-Saudi Aramco Project):

Assigned as a member of the finance team that will ensure accurate processing and recording of company's payroll; provide timely and accurate financial information and participate in daily data entry payroll processing.

Key duties and responsibilities as SPS:

● Performing duty through SAP R/3 Payroll implementation end users such as benefits, timesheets-vacations, taxations, performance and compensation by providing online solution. ● Performing daily payroll department operations. ● Managing workflow to ensure all payroll transactions are processed accurately on timely basis. ● Reconciling payroll prior to transmission and validate confirmed reports. ● Understanding proper taxation of employer paid benefits. ● Processing correct garnishment calculations and compliance. ● Executing E-Time and attendance processing and interface with payroll. ● Performing compliances for unclaimed property payroll checks. ● Processing accurate and timely year-end reporting when necessary. ● Loading import files received from HR. ● Researching and emailing appropriate audience of file issues ● Responding to ERC employee tickets.

Key duties/responsibilities as a PY Specialist(Technical Part) Aramco Project/s Assigned as SMP Specialist with Aramco project to the following:

● Resolving most of the SMP issues such as change/display actions in end users SMP 8000s profiles. ● Fixing/resolving SMP timesheets errors, SMP e-leave errors such as eligibility for overtime through certain transactions after getting full information from 2nd level consultants. ● Providing online guidance; if needed, to SMP users, Aramco chief positions and administrators on how to use SMP transaction code through SAP Human Resources system(PRH). ● Communicating and coordinating with the highest level consultants-SAP design team to resolve complex issues. ● Supporting SAP R/3 Payroll implementation group/s such as benefits, timesheets-vacations, taxations, performance and compensation by providing online solution. ● Performing functional analysis/SAP HR project specifically time management or payroll projects. ● Actively involved in prospecting phase and closely following developments in field.

Aug 2002Feb 2003

Administrative Support Specialist

H Hussaini for Trading & Inspections

Assigned to work on related tasks such as planning, coordinating supportive services of the company.

Key duties and responsibilities as Admin Support:

● Provides supplies by identifying needs for reception, switchboard, mailroom, and kitchen; establishing policies, procedures, and work schedules. ● Provides communication systems by identifying needs; evaluating options; maintaining equipment. ● Maintains administrative staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees; maintaining a safe and secure work environment; developing personal growth opportunities. ● Purchases printed materials and forms by obtaining requirements; negotiating price, quality, and delivery; approving invoices.

Apr 2000Jun 2002

Network Administrator

Al Sayyah for Trading & Constructions

Key duties and responsibilities:

● LAN administrator for windows 2000. ● Responsible for ensuring continuous operation of the Clients networks on as needed basis. ● Implement new features in the network. ● Responsible for installing and configuring LAN for Clients.


Jun 2006Jan 2009


Columbus University
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Business & Computer University College (BCU)