Tara Taylor Jorgensen

Tara Taylor Jorgensen

Assistant Principal Pukerua Bay School


He aha te mea nui o te ao
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata

I am a leader of education who values openness and autonomy. I lead and teach by developing warm relationships with my students, staff, and the community. I welcome diversity and celebrate all kinds of successes and achievements. I am passionate about collaborative practices and raising achievement through innovative learning environments.  My classroom is open to community members to share their wisdom and I believe that this is a characteristic of a good school.  

I am a proven leader of future focused pedagogy and believe that the role of education is to equip our students with the skills to become enviro-ethical decision-makers and culturally competent citizens. 

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The best learning comes from creativity - not consumption...



Developing Educational Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring

Waikato University
2015 - 2015

This paper critically examined theories and models of continuing leadership development through mentoring and coaching

Google Certified Teacher

2011 - 2012

Google Teaching Academy (Sydney)


Core Education
Mar 2010 - 2011

CORE’s eFellows are deeply passionate, skilled, and inquiring New Zealand educators from early childhood to senior secondary. They push the boundaries of e-learning by embarking on a year-long fellowship explore innovative, effective, and equitable teaching and learning.

Post Graduate Diploma of Commerce

University of Otago
1999 - 1999

Industrial Relations and Business Ethics



I am passionate about our school's potential for education for sustainability and the community links we have to support this unique opportunity.

I am continuously reading and reflecting to keep up with up-to-date pedagogy.

I am a well-known and connected educator, I have the ability to access information and experts quickly through my extensive professional learning network.

Work experience

I am a passionate leader who has worked in rural and urban communities in schools ranging from Decile 1-10.

I have professional knowledge and the skills and disposition to teach all primary school year levels ranging from years 0-8.

Manaakitanga Lead with Moral Purpose

I see the Principal role to be one of improving outcomes for all of those who belong to the Pukerua Bay Community.

I am able to set goals, and pursue them to ensure success for all of our community.

I am loyal and believe that I will make a great contribution as leader of Pukerua Bay School.

I will strive to equip the children of our community with enviro-ethical decision making tools.

I will carry out my leadership with purpose, professionalism and positivity.

Awhinatanga -  Guiding and supporting

I relate well to others.

I make time for people.

I believe in trust, openness, empowerment, and autonomy.

Pono - to foster Self Belief

I act with integrity.

I believe in connected, collaborative, and innovative environments.

I have the skills to grow a learning community that is future focused and sustainable.

Ako - being the learner

I am self-aware and seek feedback on my performance.

I am a role model in terms of continuous learning and improvement.

I will continue to learn about growing teachers and learners. 


I will work hard to create a culture where all staff work collaboratively towards a shared vision.

My goal is that all of our community can articulate our vision to anyone who might ask.

Work experience

Work experience

Assistant Principal

Pukerua Bay School
2013 - Present

Team leader for years 5-8

SENCO for 3 high health needs students

Acting Principal Term 3 2014

Acting Principal Term 4 2015

Lead Teacher eLearning

Amesbury Primary School
2012 - Dec 2012

Lead Teacher (eLearning)

Teaching in all areas of the school.  (Years 4-6, Years 1-3, and eLearning release)

Teacher (with eLearning responsibiliites)

Bairds Mainfreight Primary School
2007 - 2012

2010 - 2011

Teacher - Year 5-6 class


ICT Whizz-kids after school eLearning club (Coordinating planning, activities, resources, teachers, and students).

School Website Development (Coordinating a school-wide balance of class and teacher contributions to website, working with Principal's vision and liaising with webhosting providers).


Year 4-6 class


Mathematics Curriculum Team Leader


Year 3-4 class


New Entrant class


Hurleyville Primary School
2006 - 2007

Years 0-6

Dairy Farm Assistant

F and R Murphy Trust
2006 - 2007

Milking Cows, Feeding calves, general farm maintenance.

Education Officer

Otago Museum
2005 - 2006

Development, implementation and delivery of hands-on education programmes at Otago Museum. 

Leader of the 'For Teachers' section of the Museum's website. 

Leader of the Primary School's Annual Science Fairs.

Leader of Teacher Workshops for special exhibitions.

Research and Teaching Assistant

University of Otago
1999 - 2002

Delivering tutorials to tertiary students.  Evaluating essays. 

Conducting research for Management and Gender Studies Departments.

Prizes and Awards

Presentations/Events  I have delivered or Organised 



2010 - 2015

Whangarei, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

Learning at School Unconference

 Core education
2014 - 2014

" @taratj turned a crisis into an opportunity for so many with #latsunconf . #Leadership with capital L. Thank you..."

Enabling eLearning

eFellow Webinar
2013 - 2013

Minimally invasive assessment

Thinking Digital 

Newcastle - London 
2013 - 2013

"Tara and Jo are delivering such an inspiring talk on new authentic, real ways of learning in schools. #tdc13"


2012 - 2012

Ignite is a presentation format that's simpler than Pecha Kucha but longer than lightening talks. In Ignite each speakers gets 5 minutes, and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds, forcing speakers to get the point,

Select Committee Inquiry into 21st century learning environments

21st Century Learning
2012 - 2012

21st century learning recommendations delivered to the parliamentary select committee


CORE Education (Christchurch)
2010 - 2011

eFellow presentation

Google fest

Minimally invasive assessment

Ed Talks

eFellowship research
2011 - 2011

The use of cameras in the classroom

Google Teaching Academy (Sydney)

Inspring ideas talk
2011 - 2011

Minimally invasive education

Emerging Leaders Symposium (Albany Senior High School)

Albany Senior High
2011 - 2011

Sugata Mitra and the hole in the wall

Emerging Leaders Ignite (Albany Senior High School)

Albany Senior High
2011 - 2011

Foo Camp

2011 - 2011

Judging fish by their ability to climb trees


Southwell School Hamilton
2011 - 2011

Tara Taylor-Jorgensen. is the eLearning lead teacher at a brand new school (Amesbury) in Wellington. Prior to this she was a classroom teacher in Otara, South Auckland. Tara has been recognised as a Google Certified Teacher and a Core Education eFellow. Her passions are in Self Oganised Learning, Minimally Invasive Education and learning through the creation and consumption of video.


2011 - 2011

This event has three aims:

  1. To promote innovation by facilitating the sharing of cutting-edge practice.
  2. To foster leadership capacity across the sector (we consider everyone to be a leader in their own way.), and
  3. To create a network of committed educators across the sector.


Westlake Girls High School
2010 - 2010


Ed Talks

Internet Safety
2010 - 2010

The use of cyber agreements - are they relevant?

Professional Development


ULearn Conference (Auckland)

Mark Sweeney - Coaching and Leadership

Waikato University - Coaching and Mentoring

Learning @ School Unconference (Organiser)  


International Conference on Thinking (Wellington NZ)- Minimally Invasive Education (Lead Presenter)

Thinking Digital Conference (New Castle England) - Minimally Invasive Assessment (Key Note speaker)


Ignite Talk - To kill a butterfly MaoriBank School (Co presenter)

Digital learning spaces online webinar (Enabling eLearning) ( presenter)

eFellow Webinar - The Eurocentic Nature of Assessment (Presenter)

Google Fest - ULearn Sky City Auckland (Co presenter)

iPad camp (Christchurch) (Co Presenter)

Presentation to Select Committee Inquiry into 21st century learning environments (Wellington) (Lead Preseneter)

Interface Xpo (KeyNote Presenter)

ConnectED (Hamilton) (Presenter)

Net Hui (Auckland)

Interface Expo (Wellington) Key Note

Ignite Wellington (Organiser)

Ignition (Presented Ignite Talk)

KiwiFoo Camp (Presented Ignite Talk)


Ongoing self-directed PD with PLN on Twitter

School visit to online collaboration buddies in Geelong, Australia

IWB Conference (BMPS)

EducampTT (Whangarei)

EducampAKL (Auckland)

EducampBOP (Tauranga)

Learning @ Schools (Rotorua)

Kerry Mitchell (In house PD)

Google Teaching Academy (20 - 21st April 2011)

Emerging Leaders' Symposium (28 - 29th April 2011)

Emerging Leaders' Ignite Evening


Karen Boyes Developing the Habits of Mind

Martin Renton Raising Student Acheivement Small Whites Coaching Course (Football)

Feild of Dreams (Football coaching course)

IWB Net conference (presenter) NZ ConnectED conference

CORE education Master Classes

TED xAkl

ULearn (Christchurch) (presenter)

Educamp 2010 (hosted at Summerlands Primary School)


James Nottingham - Monitoring Student Progress


James Nottingham - Philosophy for Children


Harry Hood - Fine Tuning the Junior School Literacy Programme