Tanya Scott

Tanya Scott


Creative and detail oriented problem solver with hands-on experience in master planning design, project coordination and management, as well as asset evaluation at a wide range of market levels.Vast network of industry professionals with an impeccable reputation for excellence.

Project Management

20 years experience in Project Management with a consistent track record of expert planning and goal setting resulting in completing projects which were on time and under budget. Managed project budgets of up to $35M annually.Analyzed scope and budget with owner and management company and put the plan into action.Initiated and coordinated all communication between key stake holders includingdesigner, architect, purchasing agent, general contractor, and installer.

Vendor Selection and Vendor Relationship Management

24 years experience in vendor selection and relationship management including international sources. Resourceful and persistent in searching for the highest quality vendors available and provided leadership in the selection, presentation and approval process. Deep industry knowledge and research acumen continue to result in 100% performance of selected vendors.


19 years experience in purchasing. Persuasive communicator and negotiator with the ability to value engineer resulting in proven cost management and maximizing quality while minimizing costs to leverage dollar value.



Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Southern California