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Work experience


Interior Designer -Architect

Lady Decorators
  • A  hardworking, highly motivated and enthusiastic INTERIOR  ARCHITECT – DESIGNER, who is capable of working independently to deadlines and enjoys working in a proactive manner within fast moving and challenging environments in the commercial world, with a keen interest in new trends and  developments in Architectural Design.  A  reliable, team player who is capable  of detailed and intricate work for sustained periods in order to see a project through to its conclusion is looking to make positive contribution to workplace.

2010-2012 – “Lon Church painters& Decorations LTDLondon

  •                   Initial consultation with client about ecological design
  •                   Write up of project brief with list of clients requirements
  •                   Empowerment (People Care) I believe in helping people. By sharing my knowledge   and listening to my customers, I strive to inspire and empower people to live long     happy living     

  •                   Advising about Interior Design, encourage a more natural, holistic way of       healthy living

  •                   Providing  Architectural visualization &illustrations


    Free lance Interior Designer

                             Designing work, Projects of work

    • ·Collaboration with Architect
    • ·Responsibility of organization internal space
    • ·Reconstruction buildings with internal space design
    • ·Interior Design & consulting clients
    • ·Architectural visualization & details drawing

                            Interior design of large Victorian Property, Harrogate North Yorkshire

    • ·Planning creates architectural drawings
    • ·Designing and overseeing    the works on project 
    • ·Providing technical drawings
    • ·Controlling buildings work and decorating

    Self-employed, Design Studio St. Petersburg, Russia
    • ·Work carried out Innovative design
    • ·Conducting architectural supervision on projects
    • ·Managing and running all aspects of business


    Architectural Department of the City
    • ·Managing and Controlling various projects in conserving the architectural heritage of City


    Countryside Houses building company
    •                     Was involved in the concept of inhabited  space, design and the environment.


    Sep 2007

    Diploma MA Interior and Spatial Design

    London University of ART, CHELSEA College
    • The MA INTERIOR & SPATIAL DESIGN course has been based on my research on Fractal Geometry in Architecture and Design.  I was particularly drawn to research on the influence of the Fractals Form of Nature and Reflection Principal of Fractal Geometry on the general construction of the small type Architecture and designing several samples of modern mobile Pavilions.
    Sep 1982Jun 1986

    (BA) Fine & Decorative Arts

    Art College. Yaroslavl, Russia
    • Course work at degree level  - “Designing of interiors with  decorative wood wall and                furniture  in  Restaurant in Museum  of first Russian  cosmonaut -V.Tereshkova



    Peter Britain

    Giles Griffiths



                                Interest and Hobbies

    • ·Enjoys reading (philosophy, spiritual,  self-improvement  books)
    • ·Fashion design , pattern making, sewing


    • To work in a creative and challenging environment, that offers a potential for                             personal, artistic and professional development.


    General professional skills
    Understanding and run a Design Project with integration of project information. Finishing the whole Project up within a deadline limit. Prepare and develop drawings, models, images, able to sketch quickly, have excellent hand drafting skills Documents relating to the Design. Produce beautiful architectural models to a high profession presentation skills, 2D , 3D CAD , Modelling and Visualization , including Animation and Film making skills Creating a Visual Pattern of any style/genre and adapting it to reach a perfect final Product. Excellent understanding of scale and composition for creating  realistic or  virtual  environment Responsibility in my specific areas of the design and project development with a unique quality to creatively concentrate myself for a long period in order to achieve a proper result in eager to continue professional development. Always keeping an acute  interest in brand new technology and materials, flexible and open minded attitude towards new ways of working and commitment to independent lifelong learning ·        Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work alone as well as in a  team and under stress pressure, able to manage time requirements, also to work on flexibly shifts, work additional hours if needed. ·        My strong professional side is a combination of a very deep creativity and technical  high quality  computer work as well as a free technique /water colour painting / free hand sketching /  technical and perspective drawings of interiors or architecture of any level of complexity.  My early experimental Interior Design projects were performed in a highly sophisticated pattern of the recognized Old Masters
    Computer literacy and presentation skills:
    Fluent in computer packages                                       - Vector Works, 3D studio MAX, Auto Cad                                 - Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher                                 - Microsoft Office, Power Point, Internet Explorer
    ART skills
            Excellent  general artistic skills, academic water painting & drawing, classic architectural presentation with  the water painting technique, hand free sketches with different techniques, perspective drawings, 3D visualization, animation .  Languages:  Russian / English                                                                      if required I am ready to travel to Russia or CIS countries – no visas needed.




    Painting &Drawing