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  • Effective writing, editing, proofreading, photographing, filming, translating, investigating and researching skills
  • Good understanding of traditional and digital media
  • Strong organization skills, attention to detail, excellent interpersonal and follow through skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Excel)
  • Working knowledge of Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Moviemaker, iNews, Photoshop, InDesign and social media
  • Professional translator from English into Russian and Armenian and vice versa
  • Fluent in Armenian, Russian. Good knowledge of Spanish

Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Volunteer Editor

The Armenian Genocide Misuseum & Institute (AGMI)

The Armenian Genocide Misuseum & Institute (AGMI) a non-profit organization based in Yerevan, Armenia. The mission of the Museum-Institute is the academic and scientific study, analysis of the problems as well as exhibition of the textual and visual documentation related to the Armenian genocide.

Dec 2006Present

PR, Communications/ Research Associate

Cook Associates, Inc

·MManage and oversee company website redesign project

o  Develop website messaging in line with current web based information consumption trends

o  Coordinate and manage website redesign task-force consisting of cross-functional managers

o  Develop web structure suitable for company specific needs in collaboration with the designer

o  Plan and oversee the project timeline

o  Develop and implement SEO plans, manage and update Web site through CMS provider

·        Develop and execute surveys and market research aimed at specific public relations campaigns

·        Create and sustain media relations by planning  and coordinating  placements, which include writing industry local and global trend articles, profile articles, podcasts, video interviews and testimonials, newsletters and press releases

·        Assist in planning and coordinating communication between cross-functional divisions in geographically-diverse locations

Aug 2009Present

Communications Consultant

International Chamber Artists
  • Identify and oversee strategic approach towards traditional and digital media
  • Develop and implement effective local and global communication tactics
  • Lead company social media efforts
  • Organize and coordinate annual events
Nov 2009Present

Contributing Editor, Eastern Europe and Russia

Breaking Tweets

Tracking breaking news and capturing the local scene via Twitter

Jun 2009Jun 2009

Production Assistant

American Idol Productions,
  • Assisted in registration and clearance of candidates for American Idol 9
  • Organized the submission of documents and audition process
Jun 2007Jul 2008

Freelance Financial Writer

Strategize Magazine, Avenir Publishing
  • Researched and wrote articles on Israel’s and India’s 60th anniversaries of independence and state formation, as well as their economic achievements
  • Analyzed and reported on the leadership of Canada’s Prime Minister, as well that of the Queen of the Netherlands
Aug 2004Nov 2005

Editorial Assistant/Reporter

New Times Journalism Training Center NGO
  • Edited and proofread English and Armenian versions of, an online weekly journal
  • Wrote a collection of profiles and features  chronicling the lives of 24 survivors of the Armenian Genocide of 1915,  published in “Remember 24”
  • Managed and administered annual holiday charity project “Hye Santa”  from logistical, vendor negotiation as well as production stand points, resulting in vision restoration surgery for a young child, prosthetic arms for a young artist, and acquisition of a cow for a family of farmers with six children
Jul 2004Nov 2004

Project Manager

Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IDHR)

• Developed and executed Human Rights Development educational project aimed to raise human rights awareness among young and active professionals • Created a curriculum, recruited corresponding speakers and beneficiaries • Oversaw a budget of $30,000 as well as conducted internal and external evaluation of the project through surveys • Established and maintained relations with donor and global partners of the organization such as OXFAM NOVIB

Oct 2003Jul 2004


Armenia Legislative Strengthening Program

• Under the supervision of international affairs, economic and legislative issues analysts did research on draft laws, legislative covenants and agreements included in the agenda of the third session of the second convocation of the national assembly of the RA. • Edited and translated from Armenian into English and vice versa. • Worked on Human Rights law analysis. Translated various researches and reports, official documents from Armenian, Russian into English and fulfilled other duties as needed.

Jul 2002Aug 2002

Volunteer Translator/Interpreter

AIM (Armenian International Magazine)

• Translated articles to and from English into Armenian, Russian.



Dec 2009Jan 2010


International Center for Journalists

Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) offered an online training course entitled “Freedom of expression in the digital age,” which was held December 4, 2009 to January 22, 2010.

During the five-week course, participants will develop skills in producing multimedia content, including writing and blogging for the Web. We also learn to manage online communities that attract constructive, responsible dialogue. Through an exploration of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube,  we learn how social networking is being used in news coverage and how journalists can best use citizen-produced content in ways that promote intercultural understanding.

The course was held in both English and Arabic to allow for dialogue between journalists from different backgrounds.

Selected successful graduates of the course will be invited to attend a conference in Alexandria, Egypt, in early 2010 to continue the dialogue with other journalists from around the globe.

Nov 2009Jan 2010


  • Assisted the production and editing of the feature story about Chicago street artist Lee Godie
  • Screened tapes for b-rolls, follow-up stories, assisted in writing news for Chicago Tonight show
  • Participated in Chicago Tonight daily meetings
Jan 2007Dec 2009


DePaul University

MA Courses Taken:

News Now/Journalism in the Information Age - This course offered historic context in critically examining issues now facing journalism. Throughout the course we analyzed the impact that convergence and digital technologies are having on ethical decisions that must be made by socially responsible journalists during every news shift. Topics included: who is a "reporter" in the digital age and what are the rights and privileges of the online reporter in a converged environment that influence confidentiality, defamation, privacy, gate-keeping, sensationalism, the public's right to know, globalization, corporatization, and public opinion.

Backpack Reporting - This course give me the practical experience in news gathering and distribution within the converged landscape of electronic newsgathering. This involved the preparation needed in covering stories, writing reports, shooting pictures and videos, and downloading these files along with links to relevant sites online. It prepared to act independently and with others throughout the digital news gathering cycle, including the production of content in multiple information formats.

Newscast Practicum - This course taught how to construct a newscast, while fulfilling the social responsibility of the press. We learned how to utilize digital technologies to craft stories that empower citizens to participate more fully in public life. We rotate through different positions weekly---reporter, anchor, editor, technical director, director, floor director, and producer---in producing a weekly public affairs program. I tried myself as a cameraperson, anchor, floor director and associate producer. I enjoyed the latter the best and see myself taking on more production projects.

Niche Journalism - The course examined the explosion in online/magazine. Each student was to chose a topic of interest create a blog and be a real life online news publisher, reporter, technician and creative director all in one. As a result I mastered the art of blogging, producing and writing for online outlets. I was blogging about Chicago Architecture, visiting industry events, talking to architects, residents of historic buildings, residents who have enjoyed as well as hated living in old and modern buildings. By examining Chicago’s architecture I was revealing the soul of the city, its development and growth and the forces behind it: people. Photo galleries, surveys and rare stories found their home on my blog called Revel Chicago.  It was an amazing experience.

Special Topics – The course examined how presidential elections were/are covered from John Hanson to President George W. Bush.  By the end of the course a research paper was submitted analyzing un/bias coverage of a particular subject in the current presidential election race. It involved a lot of analytical writing where clips and readings were used as sources.

Opinion/Column Writing – I learned what makes for extraordinary opinion and column writing with an emphasis on strong reporting that enables writers to assemble arguments based on the firm foundation of fact. We also examined the new ways in which digital delivery systems both empower and threaten the free flow of ideas within and across interest communities.

International Reporting - This course analyzed the impact new technologies and the “War on Terror” are having on foreign correspondents and international reporting. During the course we chose a country of interest and acted as foreign correspondents by focusing on Diasporas here in Chicago. We followed stories, studied the country / community, identified and researched story ideas, sources and linked them back to the country of origin. We primarily used digital media and analyzed the effect on the ability of news makers and organizations to compete with governments in worldwide information flows. We also looked at the digital revolution in mainly in terms of how it has made citizens more inter-dependent while creating extraordinary opportunities for journalists to tell stories that increase the understanding and enlarge the imagination of the news consumers. 

Public Relations - This course involved the study of the theory, history, practice and future of public relations in a comprehensive way. This course allowed me to understand the breadth of the field and to investigate specific areas of public relations (i.e., political, medical, financial, government, corporate, education, etc.). We also studied operations and objectives PR practice from both the corporate and non-profit sectors. I developed two PR strategy documents for entertainment and sports industries which included SWOT analysis and estimation of the issue, tactics developments and measurements of the results. It was a fascinating course that improved my performance at worked allowing developing and executing considerably better strategies and action plans for both traditional and digital Public Relations Management projects.

Advanced TV Reporting - This course went beyond the inverted pyramid of basic news writing and focus on some of the sophisticated newsgathering techniques used by journalists. During the course we examined story generation techniques along with interviewing techniques. The course we also explored how databases and documents can enhance a story, including the use of surveys, field experiments and participant observation. In teams and individually we shot and edited stand up news packages. To do this, I learned the basic elements in developing a broadcast news story--from originating the story idea, researching it, illustrating it, doing interviews, and then packaging the story for air.

Social Responsibility of Journalism - This course introduced me to the historic development of social responsibility theory and its continuing role in defining the obligations of journalists in creating an informed citizenry as a critical part of the democratic process. The course analyzed the ongoing tension between journalistic responsibility and the obligations of news organizations to turn profits for their shareholders and the constitutional imprimatur of journalism to offer the information that makes self-governance possible. During the course we studied numerous occasions of journalistic responsibility and irresponsibility and estimated the effects in research papers. Once, again we used real news clips and academic papers as sources for our papers / articles.



Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia


IDHR School of Human Rights


Yerevani V. Brusovi Anvan Petakan Lezerabanakan Hamalsaran