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About Tan Seow How

Pastor Tan Seow How together with his wife Pastor Cecilia are the founding pastors of Heart of God Church (HOGC) in Singapore. Pastor Tan Seow How’s messages are simple, yet life-changing, largely centered around leadership, Christ-like character and maturity.

Pastor How’s messages are both contemporary and possess core traditional Christian values. Aside from the Core Value of Faith in Jesus Christ, which is central and most important; he also shares practical messages that promote positive values such as family, entrepreneurship, and education. One such message is the HOGC Academic Excellence (AE) Programme. Pastor How takes pride in the way in which Heart of God Church is able to bridge generations and provide core values that lead to sustained academic and life success but at the same time have people who are idealistic, others-centered and who desire significance beyond success.

A gifted teacher and experienced administrator, Pastor Tan Seow How has developed systems and processes that drive organizational success. He has been quoted saying “To succeed without a system is just luck.” Pastor How also emphasizes teamwork as a way of achieving better results. Every group and department within the church operates as part of a larger team. The culture is such that it is never about one or two star players but about learning teamwork and in the process growing in character and maturity.

Well integrated into a larger community of Christians, Pastor How has spoken at conferences and churches around the globe, including in Sweden, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Work experience

Aug 1999Present

Senior Pastor / Founding Pastor

Heart of God Church


Apr 1988Jun 1991

Bachelor of Science in Commerce (B.S.C.)

Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley