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In 2008, Tanner Films released its first film, entitled “Missing,” highlighting the talents of then 14-year-old filmmaker Michael Tanner Cusumano. A veteran of the New York Film Academy’s summer program, Mr. Cusumano became interested in filmmaking in 2006, and is the owner and founder of Tanner Films. An independent production house, Tanner Films has garnered awards and critical praise for its often dark and dramatic films, which address tense psychological and emotional issues. “Amanda,” released in 2010, is an uncompromising portrait of the effects of teen drinking and driving, inspired by real-life events in Mr. Cusumano’s life. The film won the award for Best Drama Film at the 2011 International Family Film Festival Youth Fest and the Rising Star Award in Filmmaking at the Canada International Film Festival in 2011. “Amanda” is Tanner Films’ second award-winning release. Tanner Films previously earned an award for Best Film Noir for its film “Sage” at the 2010 Burbank International Film Festival. Tanner Films' next release, entitled “Impetuous,” will appear in the summer of 2011. The short film deals with the ever-present teenage problems of bullying and peer pressure. In 2011, Tanner Films began hosting the Sierra Canyon Film Festival to showcase the works of young filmmakers.