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 Tanner Mccuaig

                                           No one builds a better fire                                               ~Heat and Glow


I like to play lacrosse in my spare time. I also like to play video games. In my spare time I play with my friends.  

Career goals

I like to help people when they need it. I dream about being a receptionist so I can help find stuff (fireplaces and barbeques). I can take phone calls from people.


Stony Plain Central School

I am in grade 6N in Stony Plain Central School


House work

I'm a good team player. The chores I have to do are clean my bedroom & bathroom. I have yard work experience( mowing the lawn).


I like to game a lot. I will be good with technology.


In school I listen to my teacher and do what see tells me to do. I like to play football with my friends at recess.


I play goalie in lacrosse. I got a bronze medal in a Baggataway tournament.


Miranda Niebergall - 780 963 2203