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A global medical services provider based in Malta, Tangiers International serves government contractors and subcontractors working in war-impacted regions throughout the world. Tangiers International employs a multifaceted approach to meeting emergency medical needs, offering comprehensive medical triage, needs assessment and continuous care. Sensitive to the needs of critically injured people in war zones, Tangiers International strives to streamline the medical claims process and enable efficient service delivery.Employing a team of highly qualified, professional claims investigators, support staff, and physicians, Tangiers International treats client medical issues immediately, while efficiently handling technical and logistical issues, including transportation, visa processing, and emergency evacuations. Tangiers International works with a range of American financial companies and insurance organizations such as AETNA, CIGNA, and American International Group, Inc. With offices located throughout the world, in locations including Uganda, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Iraq, and Kuwait, Tangiers International has managed some 3,000 cases in more than 100 countries.Divided into four discrete staffing divisions, the company focuses its efforts on medical treatment, investigation, finance, and adjustment. In operation since 1995, Tangiers International maintains a permanent global team of more than 75 members, while hiring specially trained local contractors as necessary. To meet the needs of its clients as they arise, Tangiers International maintains a 24-hour toll-free number, through which managers are reachable at all times.