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To support the growth and profitability of an organization that provides challenge, encourages advancement, and rewards achievement with the opportunity to utilize my substantial experience, skills, and proven abilities within the dental technology field.

Work experience

Sep 2013Present

Owner, Director

  1. Servicing the aesthetic restorative dentistry need through precise manufacturing of full ceramic prosthesis; 
  2. Personalized service rendered for intricate custom shade cases by adherence to strict intercommunication protocols, utilizing and analyzing digital macro photography; 
  3. Deliberate with clients and patients on possible procedures following a detailed diagnostic evaluation; 
  4. Express and promote the importance of conservative dentistry by collaboration with clients in patient education; 
  5. Sustain recurrent contact with actual and probable clients to uphold and initiate a consequential enterprise; 
  6. Administer good business principles to safeguard profitability: and 
  7. Research technological advancements within dental technology to establish a competitive, yet beneficial approach to the profession;
  8. South African Key Opinion Leader for Renfert.
Jan 1999Present

Registered Dental Technologist

Oct 2009Jul 2013

Dental Laboratory Supervisor

Precision Craft Dental Laboratory
  1. Train and supervise new and existing laboratory employees in advanced laboratory procedures including the use of stereo microscopes, milling techniques, placement of dental attachments, finishing of attachments, EDM or spark erosion techniques, advanced ceramic techniques and denture techniques;
  2. Oversee case design as it is fabricated and troubleshoot problems with equipment or techniques as problems arise;
  3. Review, coordinate, and delegate projects that come into the lab to laboratory employees in order to ensure timely production of detail products that adheres to our company’s work schedule and efficiency;
  4. Review and edit, if necessary, prescription orders from dentists;
  5. Coordinate and oversee the ordering of the appropriate supplies such as modeling and mounting materials determining the parts necessary for each individual implant device;
  6. Communicate directly with patients to discuss treatment plans and options and meet, advising them of alternative treatment plans;
  7. Supervise and coordinate the fabrication of surgical drill guides for implant cases after treatment plans have been finalized;
  8. Inspect laboratory products produced by lab employees to ensure quality control within the laboratory and compliance with standard dental procedures and regulations;
  9. Research, consult and advise owners of the company of new and emerging dental techniques that are presently being developed worldwide which would benefit and increase the company’s growth and efficiency;
  10. Supervise and control the internal laboratory billing processes particularly when dealing with insurance companies; and
  11. Communicate directly with insurance companies and federal agencies to ensure compliance with all regulations and to solve any problems with compliance that may arise within the laboratory.
May 2004Jul 2009

Owner, Director

Snap Dental Studio
  1. Plan and coordinate dental laboratory activities to incorporate the different interrelated disciplines of dental technology in producing oral prosthesis for clinical placement;
  2. Review processing and production methods to determine and eliminate production difficulties and technical problems;
  3. Analyze cost and monitor budget to ensure efficiency and profitability;
  4. Consult and negotiate with clients regarding product manufacturing and prices;
  5. Determine inventory and staffing requirements, and manufacturing procedures to meet production targets;
  6. Establish protocol for accurate diagnosis and to meet case requirements;
  7. Maintain frequent contact with existing and potential clients to recruit and promote a substantial workflow;
  8. Discuss possible outcomes with patients;
  9. Perform complex and highly skilled tasks in constructing multidisciplinary aesthetic dental restorations; and
  10. Examine finished products to ensure quality and conformance to prescribed specifications.
Apr 1999Aug 2004

Crown & Bridge Technician

Chameleon Dental Laboratory
  1. Design broad spectrum of substructures in metal / full ceramic for both conventional crown & bridge as well as implants;
  2. Manufacturing of full contour empress, gold and composite restorations; and
  3. Train co-operative dental technology student in framework design.


Jan 1995Dec 1997

National Diploma

Technikon Pretoria/Tshwane University of Technology

After completion of the programme National Diploma: Dental Technology the student should have acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to successfully complete work in the prosthetics, chrome-cobalt partial denture, crown and bridge and orthodontic fields as an employee in a dental laboratory.

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