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Work experience

I had a part-time job when I was sophomore.


Bachelor of Culture Industry Management

History Culture College

I have two majors in my university. One major is Culture Industry Management ,and another one is Finance.I like business and culture. Especially I am interested in entertainment  works.  what's more, I had a study experience on abroad.


I have two majors in my university.My first major is Culture Industry Management . I learn a lot of knowledge about culture and economics.And, my second major is Finance.Besides, I have been an exchange student in Korea. You can see I have plenty of study experiences. I hope to be a successful media personality in Huayi Bros. Media Group in the future. I like movies,so I want to do some job relative to movies. If I have enough capability , I want to open my own entertainment company. But, I should work from grass roots when I graduate from school.



I have a lot of hobbies which contain drawing, listenning to the music, watching movies, photography, and travelling.


Microsoft Office
I can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoin to make documents, presentations, spreadsheets. Besides, I can make electronic magazine.
Fluent in writing,speaking and reading.