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I am  a hard working young man who has an average GPA of 9.33, I believe that persistence and patience are skills that i have mastered. I am currently standing on a A for science, A+ for maths, A+ for business, A for history, B+ for English and an A+ for Chinese. I am a good all rounder who can speak 4 different languages. My Mother is an Orthodontist and my father is the owner of our hospital. I enjoy Tennis, swimming, sailing, equestrian, playing the saxophone and piano. I am well known among my peers as an energetic and enthusiastic young man. I am from Thailand where the food is best, and yes I can cook a scrumptious meal if required. I went through the Timbertop program in year 9 and acquired the bronze silver duke of Edinburgh, currently doing the silver award.

Work experience

Dentist assistance/ front desk

Class one dentist House of dental care
book appointments, assist dentists by handling equipment, answer phone calls, deal with patient money and escort patients to their doctors.


Middle school

Three Generation international school

IB Diploma commencing 

Geelong Grammar School
Manifold house, 9.33 GPA, Corio Victoria Australia