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Make sure children are respectful to community partners.
Monitor and manage program equipment and supplies.
Keep records on student's progress; help them progress .
Write lesson plans,for each program session.
Maintain records

Work experience


David Clayton

Thalia McQueen

Latisha Pomales

Cover Letter


Seeking an entry-level position as a Security Guard.


  • Member of Galileo Magnet High School SCA(Student Council Association)

Course Work

  • Ethics & the Justice System- This course topics address the moral and the ethical dilemmas confronting criminal justice practitioners and how these dilemmas may be successful resolved.
  • Drugs, Crime and the Criminal Justice System-In this course the sociological and psychologicalexplanations of drug-using behaviors was examined.The relationship betweendrug abuse, crime and the United Sates criminal justice system is covered.Other topics include changes in the legal status of drugs, cross-cultural and historical variations in the control of drugs.
  • Court Procedures-This course reviews the policies and prcedures of the federal and state court system. Topics include history of the court systems, the appointments or elections of justicies and judges and other court officials, a comparative analysis of adult and juvenile court systems, and other court related issues, which include plea bargaining, sentence dispaities and the future of the courts.

Volunteer Experience

  • Boys and Girls Club
  • First Quarterly Airport Road Cleanup