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Greetings! Bonjour! はじめまして!Xin chào!

My name is Tam Bui, a sophomore at DePauw University. I am an international student from Hanoi, Vietnam. My major is Economics, with a minor in European Studies, yet I am naturally drawn to languages, arts and technology as well.

With such diverse interests, I aim to develop and sharpen my research ability for it is a universal skill that can be applied to a range of fields. Still, my focus is in quantitative research with intense maths and usage of statistical packages - the unarguably one of the most important products that technology has brought to sciences. I wish to further develop this skill at DePauw and pursue my career on this path.

Work experience


DePauw University - ITAP

I am currently an apprentice with ITAP (Information Technology Associates Program) at DePauw University. The program provides an excellent chance for students to gain more interaction with practical technology and then apply their newly gained skills to on-campus internships.

As an apprentice, I am spending my first year in ITAP with 6-week rotations which introduce me to different types of technology. These rotations do not only provide me with applied skills but also critical thinking, problem solving as well as soft skills such as teamwork.

  • ITAP Training Method - With Donnie Sendelbach
+ Focus on Instructional Design, social softwares such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Google +, etc.+ Products: written software instructions, presentations and mock teaching sessions.

  • ITAP Digital Video - With Douglas Fellegy
+ Focus on cinematography, usage of Final Cut Pro, analysis of films and documentaries.+ Products: final video project - an interview of a DePauw student.

  • ITAP Visual Basic .Net - With Joseph Barana (current)
+ Focus on .Net code, software visual design, logic of programming.+ Products:
Jul 2009Present

Freelance Translator

ThaiHa Books

With a hobby in language and book, I work as a freelance English-Vietnamese translator for Thaihabooks. This position allows me to read more books in the field of business and I was able to gain much in depth knowledge from these books because of the nature of the translating job. On the other hand, an extra job while studying at DePauw forces me to better manage my time and become more disciplined - which is the utmost importance in working with professionals.

  • February, 2012 - current:  I am translating a book titled NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming Secrets (Collins Business Secrets) by Carolyn Boyes. The book is a self-help book in order to assist businessmen and women in taking active role in controlling their minds, their emotions and consequently their business performance. I would recommend this book to any person in any field, not limited to business.
  • July, 2009 - December, 2009. The first book I worked with Thaihabooks is The Power of Unreasonable People: How Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets that Change the World by John Elkington& Pamela Hartigan. The book introduces the newly coined concept of Social Entrepreneurship. It brought about various impressive and inspiring examples about social entrepreneurs around the world, who have worked not only for profits but also for the benefits of the people and the society at the same time. If you hold a prejudice that for-profit businesses are all about money, this book will be enlightened. 
Jun 2011Aug 2011

Faculty Development Student/Faculty Summer Research

DePauw University

Project Title: An Empirical Investigation of the “Brain Drain”

Faculty Sponsor: Kerry Pannell (Associate Professor of Economics and Management)

In summer 2011, I had the valuable chance to work with Professor Kerry Pannell, Associates Professor in Economics Department at DePauw University on a research on Brain Drain. The research is funded by DePauw Univeristy's competitive internal fund Student-Faculty Summer Research Fund.

In this research, I was able to explore more in detail a topic that many international students have concerns about, brain drain. I study how a person makes the decision to migrate to a foreign country, the determinants that affects that decisions as well as later economic impacts on the person him/herself and other people such as family, host and original countries. I also read a lot about the history of international migration, especially the modern migration in the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

Also in this research, I learned and used STATA, a powerful statistical package, for managing, analyzing data and running regressions. I learned the painful process of finding data and useful lessons on entering and managing data set. This was also my chance to apply my knowledge from a previous course, ECON350 - Statistics for Business and Economics. Despite the difficulties I encountered, the overall research is rewarding for the amount of knowledge and experience that I gained.


Aug 2010Present


DePauw University
  • DePauw Dean's List
  • President's Award for Excellence


Adobe CS
Visual Basic.Net
A powerful statistical software that I am given the chance to take advantage of for my summer research: An Empirical Investigation of "Brain Drain".
I have been using this powerful statistics tool for one of my class. 
I am interested in languages of all kind, especially French for this language has left huge influence on Vietnam's culture. If possible, I would love to make use of this language and spend some time in a French-speaking region.   I would also want to study more languages to expand my knowledge of cultures and linguistics.


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