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Tammy Teubal

Arquitectura Interior


Magen David Academy

Jun 2008Jun 2016

 Anticipated High school Graduate

Balboa Academy

Aug 2001Jun 2008

Primary school


My objective is to gain both knowledge and experience in my career, and be taught how to put my career in practice in the future, and how to be the best at it. There's a lot of competition and I believe a good college can help me develop and show my unique strengths. In addition, I aim to create a company of my own. 


Extracuricular activities

Community Service

 Went to a poor town and I painted houses, and also went to a pet sterilization clinic.


Enjoy going to the gym and liberate my anger, and stress.

Modeling Teacher

 Volunteered to give classes to girls of 3 to 6 years old on runway, makeup, and picture taking.

Soccer and Basketball Player

 Played soccer and basketball since I was 10 years old and I attended to 2 competitions on Bogota, Colombia and San Jose, Costa Rica.


Obtained two scholarship from a modeling agency in Panama called Wilhelmina Panama Talents. In this agency I  did many jobs including runways, magazine pictures, and commercial events.

March of The Living

 Went to the march of the living in Poland to never forget the lives lost on the Holocaust. For attending, one must do a 1 year course previously learning all the history of World War Two. After going on this trip I wrote an essay describing what I saw and what I felt. After a couple of days,  my work was chosen to be published in the school newspaper and the presentations done every year by the march of the living company.


 Attended Bnei Brit Leadership course for 2 years and obtained 80 hours of community service. In that course we learned how to surpass and transmit our best qualities. I learned how to be on the side of the rulers and not the followers. 


*In my senior year, I took an AP class on Language Arts and Composition. ( English is my second language)

* I was the writer of my schools newspaper.

* I won the science fair in my sophomore year.


* Fluent in Spanish

*Fluent in Hebrew

*Computer skilled

*Strong analytical ability

*Work well under pressure to meet deadlines


* Always have plan B

* Strong character 

*Solve problems