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I am a professional translator specializing in subtitles and media translations, I work on a freelance basis and always on the look to gain new clients and add to my experience.



Media and Literary Translation Diploma

American University in Cairo

As i found my passion in translation, I sought more education through the school of continuing education in the American university in Cairo, I studied the basic foundation of translation, then took it further by majoring in media translation, Audio visual translation specifically, and I continue to seek better education and training in that field.

Work experience


Subtitle Translator


I was part of Chelsea team in Netflix, work was on web-based tools and mainly consisted of subtitle translation, no timing was required.


Subtitle Translator & Qcer

IYuno Media services

I joined IYuno as part of project Operation Proposal (Korean Drama), work was on IMedia Trans, a web-based subtitling tools, and mainly was subtitle translation.


Subtitle editor

Haymillian Media

I joined Haymillian during their Arabic subtitle project, most of the work was sports events, I used my own software for both spotting (adding time codes) and translation.


Subtitle Translator & Qcer

Sfera Studios

I have been part of Sfera En>Ar translation team for about 2 years, I have participated in many conformation and Quality check projects, most of the work was only translation as a timed English template was provided, the work was also done on Sfera web-based subtitling software.


Subtitle Editor

Racti Art production

As a subtitle editor in Racti, I worked on different projects both subtitle translation and full subtitling (spotting+translation), some of my best work was with Racti, and I fully enjoyed the diversity they provided with projects assigned.