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Seeking a challenging position in the field of telecom to deliver my best skill with opportunities for advancement.


Over 21 years of experience in the field of Telecommunication.

  1. Alcatel-Lucent Telecomm MSAN/ISAM , FTTX (GPON)
  2. Siemens Pakistan for Telenor operation. (Area manager)
  3. Siemens Indonesia for SR10 to SR12 upgrade.(Telecomm Engineer)
  4. Huawei MSOFTX3000 / UMG8900 (H.248) training from Egypt.
  5. Madacom Madagascar. NSS / BSS operation. (Senior Telecomm Engineer)
  6. Lucent Technologies International Inc.Saudi Arabian .Quality control Engineer.
  7. Pakistan Telecommunication Company.(Engineering Supervisor)
  8. Testing and Commissioning & O&M of (EWSD SIEMENS Switch).

Work experience

Aug 2007Apr 2009

Telecom Engineer


1.ASAM 7300-7301, ISAM XD, FD, IPLAG 1900 Integration, implementations.

2.Creation of XDSL Service profile and Spectrum profile, IGMP and Multicast

3.Configuration on ISAM FD & XD

4.Configure VoIP services over ISAM-V.

5.Network Ports Configuration

6.Equipment Configuration

7.Voice VLAN configuration

8.Voice VRF configuration

9.Megaco VLAN configuration

10.Media gateway interface configuration

11.Subscriber configuration

12.Configuration of TID and ADSL line for Alcatel-lucent ISAM-V.

13.Configuration of ports NVPS, MECACO and H248.

14.PAT of IP DSLAM, ISAM-V, MSAN, IPLAG 1900 with field support.

Feb 2006Dec 2006

Area Manager (Switch)

Telenor Pakistan

Siemens Pakistan at Telenor Operation.

Responsibilities Regional NOC

1.Coordinates with customer (Telenor & other operators) for work order status and work progress.

2.Schedule the execution of work order.

3.Preparation of data related to work order by coordinating with internal department, BSS, transmission & planning.

4.Preparation & implementation of database related to new or Re-home BSCs

5.Routine monitoring & maintenance of MSCs. (Switch)

6.Database & daily base maintenance for the other operator’s interconnection.

7.Saving of Application Program System (APS) & Database in MSCs.

8.Implementation, modification, correction of MSCs Database.

9.Implementation of Patches & execution of ODAGEN in MSCs .

10.Hardware Testing and fault rectification of MSCs.

11.Expansions in EWSD peripheries.

12.Integration of new MSCs / BSCS in existing Telecom Network on CCS#7 Signaling.

13.      High speed Signal link managment

Oct 2005Dec 2005

Telecomm Engineer

Teamkom KG Company for Siemens Indonesia.


1.Upgrade of SR10 to SR12. During that time I was involved in test bed switch to test & verify the testing procedure to satisfy the customer.

2.STP testing & commissioning.

Oct 2000Dec 2004

Senior Telecomm Engineer (NSS/BSS)

Madacom (GSM Operator) Madagascar


1.Schedule the issue & execution of work order for roll out.

2.Implementation & monitoring of roll out for new sites.

3.Supervision & database preparation of Switch.

4.Routine Operation & maintenance of MSC.(Switch)

5.Plan for expansion of NSS / BSS to meet the Network growing needs.

6.Upgrade from SR6 to SR9.

7.Upgrade of MB(B) to MB(D)

8.IREG testing & coordinating with other operators.

9.Operation & maintenance of V-SAT / Newbridge equipment.

10.Part of team which built in house prepaid platform.

11.Database & integration of CCS-7 signaling links with BSC & other MSCs.

Oct 1997Jun 2000


Lucent Technologies K.S.A


Conducting inspection with consultation of Installation department and execute inspection (visual / mechanical) of installed 5ESS Digital Switching Equipment, SRS (Subscriber Radio System) equipment. Also inspecting MFOS (Multifunction operating system) equipment, GSM (Global system for mobile i.e. BTS, BCS, MSC) equipment, WLL Air loop (CTRU, CATU etc.) equipment, Transmissions Equipment (SDH, DACS II, DACS V, DACS VI, DACS 4/4/1, ADM 16/1, ISM, LSM, EOW, RNMU, CT800 etc.).


Engineering Supervisor

Pakistan Telecomm Company.

Responsibilities: Implementation / Ingegration

1.Performed Installation of EWSD switching system of Local / transit.

2.Performed testing & commission of Digital Switching System.

3.Performed operation and maintenance of EWSD type of exchanges, including Subscriber, trunks, charging, routing and observation management's.

4.Performed creation / modification for database for local, transit, combined (EWSD) digital exchanges according to require of organization.

5.Performed networking of local, transit, combined digital exchanges through analogue transmission media (carrier Z12, coaxial cable, micro wave) and through digital transmission media (PCM, digital radio) on channel associated signaling(CAS) and common channel signaling (CCS7) through SP & STP routing.


May 2006May 2008


Indus Institute of Higher Education Karachi


Shah Lateef University Pakistan

Bachelor of Science

Sindh University


WLL overview courseWLL overview course

Lucent Technologies wireless academy

Operation & Maintenance for ALCATEL switch

Oct 1987May 1989

Testing & Commissioning of EWSD Switch

TSC Haripur