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I have nearly twenty years of experience driving strategy, implementation and innovation, masterfully creating results-oriented teams and achieving the seemingly impossible. I am renowned for bringing new or struggling projects to completion, garnering a reputation for being the one who can get it done. My record of unprecedented performance and unwavering standards creates a clear pathway for my teams to exceed expectations. The cornerstone of my success is my keen attention to detail, superior grasp of financial statements, dynamic vision, and ability to motivate and inspire others to do the right and necessary thing. I am always proactive in providing the most effectual solution for both the company and the client, saving over $3.4M while achieving 100% of timeliness and budgets for one project alone. If your enterprise is in need of an unparalleled combination of innovative leadership and expertise in delivering operational and financial efficiencies, let’s have a conversation about how my skills can drive your company’s results.

Dynamic Executive Leadership
Shrewd Stewardship and Cost Containment
Superior Large-Scale Project Management


Key Skills:

 Diplomatic and charismatic, creating a vibrant environment for success ● Expert at financial oversight ● Thrives in challenging and fast-paced environments ● Unwavering commitment to excellence ● International Consultant ● Generates buy-in from executives, team members and vendors through communication, integrity and trust ● Adept at navigating regulatory agencies and union issues ● Simplifies complex problems

Work experience


Transition Director/Account Director/ProjectManager


■ For two decades, headed up progressively larger national, regional, and international projects.  
■ Prestigious career built on communication, collaboration, and effectiveness.
■ Renowned for elevating or designing standard operating procedures, training programs, and metric standards to immediately impact results.
■ Routinely partnered with C-level executives.
■ Legendary for delivering on-time and under budget.
■ Successfully moved over 10K person workforce multiple times over the course of 24 months.
■ Facilitated workshops and team trainings for multiple Fortune 500 companies.
■ Consolidated an Operations and Data Center from four buildings, 430K sq. ft., 1400 employees, and met all targets for an $18M project.
■ Received 100% of bonus 16 of 17 years for meeting standards of performance including cost reduction requirements.


CBRE - J. C. Penney

■ Developed onsite 24/7 Customer Service Call Center resolving 260 work orders a day while maintaining 90% Key Performance Indicators.
■ Consolidated and negotiated with key vendors, reviewing over $60M in expenses, slashing over $7M in costs.
■ Continually analyzes efficiencies to guarantee financial success.
■ Within a 90 day period, strategically transitioned facilities management services, 215M sq. ft. for 1150 locations, across the country while hiring and training over 250 employees.


CBRE - Convergys

■ Masterfully guided management team of 94 at 61 sites in four countries on three continents.
■ Famous for judicious budget development and line-item examination.
■ Managed over $53M budget and over 6.2M sq. ft. of property.
■ Radically diminished costs by over $4.2M in 3 years while continually maintaining customer satisfaction ratings in the 91st percentile.
■ Notorious for rescuing problem accounts.
■ Embraces challenges where loss of revenue or reputation is at risk.
■ Once given 90 days to salvage the imminent loss of a $15M account after others failed.  
■ Saved the contract and prevented the threatened lawsuit, maintaining the client for the duration of the three year agreement.


CBRE - Microsoft

■ Believes in quality, strategic relationships, and company effectiveness to serve the client’s best interests without sacrificing service delivery.
■ Masterful at producing large scale initiatives in record time.
■ Navigated complex design configurations including physical relocation barriers for one of the company’s largest clients.
■ Orchestrated a $2.3M project, relocating over 30K employees in twelve months.


Collaborative Leadership
Budget Administration
Margin Improvement
Financial Controls
Business Planning and Redesign
Crisis Management
Process Development/Improvement