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Best Work

Recent accidents encourage safe driving habits 

This story was one of my best because of how sensitive the topic was. I was able to write on a touchy subject without hurting any feelings. I also believe this is one of my best pieces because I got multiple people to open up about their car accidents which I'm sure is not an easy thing to do. I had so much passion go into this article and I believe that is what made it so strong.

Debate over cherleading remains heated 

This article was very hard for me to write and I had to be extremely cautious to exclude my opinion on the topic. Being that cautious made me really focus on the quality of my interviews and just the overall content of the topic. (The topic being should cheerleading be considered a sport?) I feel as though I covered both sides of the argument thoroughly and left out my own opinion which it was not easy.

Young Life brings students together 

Although this article may not have been my strongest I feel that it is a good reflection of myself as a journalist. I wrote this story from a different perspective which I had never done before and even though it was not the best it was my first attempt at it. to be good at anything in life people have to take risks but I feel that is especially true in Journalism so this article is my example of risk taking. This has really helped me grow as a writer but even more as an interviewer. I had to ask very specific questions in order to have quotes that would help the flow of my story. I also wanted to interview a lot of people to help show that there were a ton of kids at the Young Life camp that weekend.

Personal Initative

One major way I had to step out of my comfort zone was when I had to write my Young Life article from a different point of view. I attempted to make the reader feel as though they were experiencing what the people in my story were experiencing too.  I found it difficult and awkward to do because I had to break some typical journalistic style rules but I still could not use the word "I" so it was pretty far out of my comfort zone.

Being the distribution manager, a new position ever to Talisman, I did not have many guidelines. Just one goal; distribute the paper to those who have advertised with us. I have had to work around issues but I have mainly had to step out of my comfort zone by making sure people distribute the papers. This has included becoming a more vocal and strong leader.


Skills Gained and Skills Improved
While on the Talisman staff, I have improved many skills, more than I even knew needed improvement. I have become more comfortable with InDesign and have learned how to be more efficient with it. I have also acquired leadership skills because of my position as a distribution manager. The leaderships skills required me to work on my people skills and figuring out how different people responded to different thing. Also, In this position, I have been pushed to become stronger at solving problems due to trial and error of how to distribute the paper most effectively. 


Young Life

Taylor Dalzell, Grady Dalzell, Kelsey Burns, and Damian Sutton 
Although I am not a leader at Young Life I do plan to go through training to become one. Currently, 3 days out of the week I do something that is involved with Young Life so it is fair to say that this is what I spend most of my time doing. 

Symphonic Choir 

Mrs. Gillis

Cross Country

Mr. Bibler and Mr. White
The website is currently title as the Hayes Indoor track website but the cross country information can be found on this site.

Goals for Second Semester

One personal goal that I have for myself during second semester is to get ahead of my deadlines so I can have a longer time for the editing process. I think that will make my stories stronger and it will also give other people more time to edit my story. In return I will have more time to edit other peoples stories too which will help the paper as a whole improve. I think just overall I want to have more time for edits.

Staff Improvements


For some reason we continue to run into issues when distributing so next time I am going to propose a new technique. I think to increase the number of students who get a copy of the paper, we should go to all the lunch tables to ask if they want a copy. Sammi and I did this last issue because of the assembly that was going on and we both felt like that method was more effective so I am going to introduce this idea next time. Then when it comes to distributing to businesses I am just going to have myself and a few other people do that so I can keep better track of it and I will know for a fact that is actually getting done.


Like we discussed in the meeting, not everyone is taking Talisman for the same reason, and I get that. However, I am going to major in this in college so I want to be able to bring copies of our issues to show off in class but I think we need our least motivated people to become more motivated and maybe have a little more passion for this paper. I just want this paper to be the best it can be. A solution to this could be for the leaders to set a better example. If all the leaders utilize their class time and really step up their game I feel like everyone will follow suit and those who do not will stand out like a sore thumb. This sounds a little intense but I'm just really passionate about the quality of the paper.


With having two split up periods it is no surprise that communication remains to be an issue but overall it has gotten better. I think more things that first period points out (especially when editing) needs to be relayed to eight period. I also think section editors need to keep in touch with the people in their sections more often especially if they are not in the same class period. I also think people need to be more aware of how different people respond to different things. I personally have really had to take that into consideration while on staff. I think that in order to be really productive we have to realize what type of criticism everyone responds to. A solution to this is just for us to get to know each other better and talking! Hence the reason why the issue is with communication.  

My Highlight

The best moment in class for me this year was when I was writing my story about all the recent car accidents Hayes students had been involved in. This may sound odd but being in one myself, I was passionate about the topic and it is always fun to write about something you are passionate about. I also enjoyed hearing about other peoples advice and what they and learned from their accidents.