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  • Tel Aviv Israel
  • (+972)544510699

Tali Rodkov

Chemical engineering graduate 



Irrigation and Plant Environment - graduate level credits 

Ben-Gurion University (Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies) 

Courses dealing with the fundamentals of soil, plant and water systems (20 credits).  A research topic - Acacia trees along the Arava: ecophysiological responses to water stress. 


Environmental studies certificate program

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

Undergraduate and graduate level courses exploring a range of environmental issues from an exceptional trans-boundary and interdisciplinary perspective. Independent study research topic - kinetics analysis of aluminum powder hydrolysis.


B.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art

Specialization track in Water and Environmental Engineering.   A thesis topic - Oxygen takeup and availability at Yavne 2 infiltration basins in Shafdan (Mekorot)


Biotechnology Engineering - undergraduate level credits  

ORT Braude College 

Courses (90 credits) in biotechnology engineering with specialization track in environmental sciences.

Work History


Volunteer Coordinator


Recruitment, training and management of approximately 60 volunteers for operating Meretz' D2D marketing campaign in Tel Aviv.


Medical device technician


Performing various tests in support of process monitoring and design verification and assembling of medical devices.


Research assistant 

The Dead Sea-Arava Science Center

Participating in two studies: the effects of climate change on seagrasses  in the Gulf of Eilat and Acacia trees physiological monitoring in Arava.  Planing and carring out experiments in the field and in the lab or greehouse, analyzing the results, and assisting in writing reports and scientific papers.


Paralegal and office manager

Rashin-Lamdan law office

Responsible of writ execution and personal bankruptcy files, account management, and personal assistant. 


Purchasing manager and administration

Augma Biomaterials

Purchasing and supply management. Responsible for facilitating the efficient functioning of an office and bookkeeping. 


SPSS,  Access,  Matlab,  Autodesk, Unisim, Aloha, Visio, GIS,  C programming, MS Project, Odcanit , Priority.


Hebrew, Russian English