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Sep 2013Present

Bronx Academy for Software Engineering
  • Core Classes : AP English, Physics, Algebra, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, US History, Statistics, Italian, Global History, Pre Calculus, Geometry
  • Relevant coursework: Web design and Development, Backend programming and design thinking               (GPA: 4.0)       (Rank: Top 5%)              

Work History

July 2016Present

Engineer at APG Compliance


-Shadowed working professionals and learned hands on, grounded, and applicable  knowledge of different aspects of BlackRock and its role in industry

-Participated in workshops which taught new interns about Blackrock culture

-Garnered knowledge of the intimate workings of Aladdin, which BlackRock uses to manage money in real time

-Taught middle school students the core fundamentals of the financial industries.

-Assisted in programming more efficient rules for the trading system

Apr 2015Jun 2015



-Developed tour pages for the students and teachers using Jquery which guides users when they first login to the platform. Also, provided feedback for their curriculum

Jul 2014Sep 2014


NFTE - NYC Generation Tech

-Learned the fundamentals of programming and how to run a business. NFTE helped me create my own startup (Kids.On) and taught me the basics of how to become an entrepreneur

-Created a business plan for Kids.On.

-Built the first prototype for (Kids.On)

-Visited companies such as Google,Facebook,Microsoft,LivePerson, Deloitte and Warby Parker to understand the tech culture in various companies

-Developed skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 

Jul 2014Aug 2014


NYC Ladders For Leaders

Engaged in a pre-employment training designed to teach essential workplace skills and business etiquette. Also, gained skills at resume writing and interviewing skills.


Protect & Swerve (2016): Founded a non profit organizations which consist of an app and a website which aspires to educate young teenagers about police brutality. Using the app user's could record any encounter they have with police officers and it will automatically geo-tag and upload it directly to the website for all to see.

CollegeU (2015): Designed a app that NYC high school students could potentially use to find their dream college based on their test score, hobbies and future occupation.

Kids.On (2014): Co-founded a startup with four other high school students that hopes to make young patients as  comfortable as possible by connecting them with relatable and supportive friends, from peers to survivors of their diseases.

Era for Kids (2015): Created a platform that teenagers can use to know more about their political representative within a particular region.

Ripe (2015): Built a prototype platform at Columbia University which teenagers can use to get more real world experience by doing jobs provided by their local shops or businesses

WhoKnows (2016): Created an image guessing game using an open sourced image recognition algorithm called clarifai

Extracurricular activities and Awards

  • 10 Under 20: Young innovators to Watch award winner (2016):  Each year CE Week and NYC EDC honors 10 individuals for developing products that demonstrate exceptional creativity, user design, scalability, civic mindedness and exemplify an application of STEAM and related fields. I received this award for building Protect&Swerve
  • High School Award Winner (Dream It.Code It.Win It): Every year MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC and Trading Screen awards college and high-school students all over the world for building computer software and app designs. Protect&Swerve was one of the winners for the 2016 season. 
  • Winner of the smart cities challenge( 2016):  Developed a game called Project: Big Apple that targets to inform New Yorkers about the tech innovations that are occurring around their area. Project: Big Apple won the citywide Game4Change challenge and was awarded by NYC Mayor's Office and Game4change.
  • CodeNow, full-scholarship recipient  (2014): Worked with experts from various companies to learn the core principles of Ruby
  • HackBCA III, full scholarship recipient (2016):  I was invited to attend one of the largest high-school hackathon in the world. I created WhoKnows in this competition 
  • Volunteer, Grace dodge school library (2013-2014): Accumulated over 100 hours of community service. I organized book shelves and cleaned the library.
  • First Place Team, SEP Hackathon superhero edition (2014): Built a 2D side-scrolling game in the hackathon. The main goal of the game was to inform kids about possible dangers they could face when they roam in a city without being careful.
  • First Place Team, C/I Code Camp 24 hour Hackathon (2016): Built the basic mvp of Protect & Swerve
  • First Place Team, Verizon school design challenge (2016): Created the the prototype of CollegeU
  • Second Place Team, C/I Code local Hack day (2015): Built a platform called Era For Kids which targets to educate teenagers about their current political representative and presidential election
  • Second Place Team, Pi day Hackathon (2015): Made an android game with game maker which incorporated the flappy bird game mechanics and the digits of pi. The goal of the game was to memorize the digits of pi as much as possible while playing the game.
  • Second Place Team, Enza Academy Hack Camp (2016): Made the MVP for Ripe in this hack camp.
  • Robotics club (2014-Present):
          • Founding member of the robotics club
          • Won FTC Judges award for perseverance as member of team 8201. 
          • Captain, programmer, designer and team treasurer of BASE Steel Hawks 8200.
          • Taught robotics to the new inexperienced team members.
          • Designed the architecture of the team’s robot
          • Created a business plan for the robotics team
          • Monetized the financial affairs of the team
          • Developed the team's website for branding purposes
          • Formulated a strategy for the competition
          • Designed the logo and team hoodie for the club
          • Strengthened the team management of the club
          • Led a team that won the  FTC Inspiration Award at the Horace Mann qualifiers.
  • Community Service club(2014-Present):
          • Founding member of the community service club
          • Directed a food drive in the school and collected cans for the unfortunate.    
          • Designed the logo for the community service club for branding purposes
          • Coordinated  a fund raiser for the kids who suffers from cancer.
          • Organized a bake sale for Pennies for Patients institution
  • NFTE Advisory Committee (2015-Present): Helped judge NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Quarter and Semi Finals at Microsoft
  • Nasdaq: Rang the opening bell at Nasdaq with Fred Wilson for CSNYC alongside other SEP students
  • Semi-finalist, NYC Gentech: Kids.On was one of the semi-finalist for the My City. My Schools. competition for the 2014-15 season

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Code For Good Hackathon Participant (2015):  

In this program, high school students are selected to collaborate with other coders to develop innovative technology solutions for non-profit organizations. While learning about starting a technology career from the inspiration of college coders, teens are guided by the sharpest minds in our industry. 

My team designed an app for the Keep a Child Alive organization which will will connect HIV patients with appropriate counselors.

Media & Speaking convocations

  • Presented CollegeU at Bronx Tech Meetup  
  • History Channel did a short documentary on Protect&Swerve (47k views)
  • Interviewed by News12 about Protect&Swerve
  • dna info conducted a interview for creating Protect&Swerve
  • Huffington post featured Protect&Swerve for winning 10 under 20
  • New York Times published an article about Protect&Swerve
  • Spoke at Rev..Jesse Jackson's rainbow push summit about Protect&Swerve
  • Spoke at at NY Tech Meetup about Protect&Swerve
  • Spoke at Social Media Week about Protect&Swerve
  • Spoke at New York Historical Society about Protect&Swerve
  • Presented Project: Big Apple at the Museum of the moving image