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I'm a full stack web and mobile software developer with great enthusiasm and drive for building high quality scalable software systems. With over 10 years of experience in the software industry and a passion for learning, I always strive to build robust and maintainable software solutions. Through most of my career I've been involved in all phases of product development from conceptualization, product definition, developing product roadmaps, programming, deployment to maintenance. I've worked as an independent contributor, a team lead, a manager and a co-founder with significant contributions in every role.

Skills Summary

Languages & Frameworks

C#, ASP.Net, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, EntityFramework, NHibernate, Bootstrap, Xamarin, NServiceBus, Memcached, MSMQ, ActiveMQ, MSTest, NUnit, Knockout

Databases & Platforms

MS SQL, MySQL, Windows Server, IIS, Active Directory/LDAP, Exchange, Azure, Event Hubs, Service Fabric

Development, Build & Deployment Tools

Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, IntelliJ, MSBuild, SVN, Git, Team Foundation Server, TeamCity, Powershell, Octopus, Visual Studio Online

Professional Experience


Jul 2017present

Principal Software Craftsman

  • Architect and build solutions for managing reservations and inventory of luxury vacation rentals
  • Scale existing property management solutions for internal and external users
  • Define and implement technical direction


  • DryFly
    • Web application to manage luxury short term vacation rentals
    • A listing site enables users to signup and reserve luxury homes along with and admin site for internal reps to manage and assist customers
    • Technologies used - ASP.Net, SQL Server, TypeScript, Aurelia, Visual Studio, 

HyprLoco Inc

Feb 2017Jun 2017

Principal Engineer

  • Define, design and build solutions for tracking customer's location outdoors and indoors 
  • Build and scale applications for tracking customer's location
  • Help define technical direction


    • HyprCloud + Order Integration Service
      • Web application to track guest locations for pre-order pickup from restaurants
      • A live updating web dashboard in the restaurant shows the guest's current zone along with their order enabling restaurants to improve turnaround times on call ahead orders
      • Technologies used - ASP.Net, Web SQL, Azure, JavaScript, Knockout, Event Hubs, Visual Studio, 
Jun 2015Feb 2017

Staff Software Engineer

  • Develop and maintain modules for Property Management Systems
  • Build and deploy single page apps and web APIs 
  • Collaborate with other teams to design, build and deploy UI modules 


    • Modular Application Suite
      • Collection of Single Page Apps deployed within property management websites
      • Modules include
        • Lead Management System for managing inquires for vacation rentals
        • RezGrid - Reservation calendar
        • Owner Portal - Web app for property owners to manage listing and communicate with property managers
        • Automated Payments - Application to collect payments from guests for reservation based on payment schedule
        • HSAPI - API for partners to interact with property management systems
      • Reusable modules provide quick integration with 2 property management websites to standardize functionality between them
      • Technologies used - ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL, Java, JavaScript, Knockout, Visual Studio, IntelliJ

Proxible B.V.

Jan 2014Jun 2015


  • Product definition for customers requiring mobile iBeacon solutions
  • Define and Architect Proxible's software solution suite
  • Develop, deploy and maintain Proxible's software solution suite
  • Set Proxible's technical direction
  • Hire and mentor developers
  • Work with customers and partners to build customer specific solutions
  • Define goals for development team and help achieve them


  • Admin Portal
    • Web application for customer's to maintain their beacon infrastructure
    • Customers can setup "SmartSpaces" with one or more beacons and associate text and media content with them
    • Provides SmartSpace visit reports and heat maps
    • Technologies used - ASP.Net, Web SQL, Azure, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Visual Studio
  • WatchDog
    • Device tracking solution for iPads with mobile and web applications
    • Mobile app interacts with beacons to determine if the device is within a designated area
    • The web application provides an overview of all devices with their status
    • A background process periodically verifies device status
    • Technologies used - ASP.Net, Web SQL, Azure, NServiceBus, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, NUnit, Moq, Visual Studio 2013
  • ThisisEindhoven / Dutch Technology Week App
    • Mobile app for city of Eindhoven for Retail offers and Events powered with Proxible's SmartSpaces
    • App notifies users of offers as they walk by stores
    • Events section provides details and notifications for events like Dutch Technology Week to visitors
    • The admin portal provides reports on unique and total visits
    • Technologies used - Xamarin (for iOS and Android), ASP.Net, Web SQL, Azure, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, NUnit, Moq, Visual Studio 2013, Xamarin Studio


Apr 2013Jan 2014

Senior Software Engineer

  • Architect, develop and maintain web application for Patient Care Reports
  • Integrate ePCR system with other products lines from ZOLL
  • Mentor junior developers and perform code reviews


  • ZOLL online - ePCR
    • A web application for Electronic Patient Care Reports built on ASP.Net using WCF Services for EMTs
    • EMTs can fill and submit patient care reports that conform to the National EMS Information Sysytem (NEMSIS) and FDA standards
    • Technologies used: ASP.Net MVC / Web API, WCF Web and Data Services, SQL Server 2008, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MSTest, Moq, Ninject, Visual Studio 2012

Rackspace Hosting

Oct 2010Mar 2013

Software Development Team Lead, Microsoft Services

  • Leading technical architecture, design and development of hosted Microsoft products
  • Mentor team members in achieving project, career and professional goals
  • Collaborate with other teams like Engineering, Product, Support, Ops and external vendors to successfully deliver and maintain projects
  • Lead team in implementing sound engineering practices
  • Screen, interview and hire candidates to grow the team


  • Exchange 2010
    • To offer Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 in Rackspace's portfolio of Exchange products
    • Customer admins use a web UI for account and user management
    • Decoupled Provisioning system provisions and updates users in the Exchange environment
    • Continue supporting Exchange 2007 along with Exchange 2010
    • Technologies used - C#, ASP.Net MVC, MySQL, SQL Server, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007
  • Directory Sync
    • Integrate customer's On Premise Directories with Rackspace hosted services
    • A Windows Service periodically syncs on premise users and objects with Rackspace's hosted users and objects
    • Customer admins could use a web portal for setup and configuration
    • Technologies used - C#, ASP.Net MVC, SQL CE, Active Directory

Rackspace Hosting

Aug 2009Sep 2010

Software Developer, Control Panel

  • Develop, deploy, maintain and scale web applications and backend provisioning systems
  • Translate requirements into software design and implementation
  • Write clean testable code adhering to SOLID principles and participate in design and code reviews
  • Collaborate with other teams like Engineering, Product, Support and Ops to successfully implement projects


  • SharePoint 2007
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2007 was a new product to be added to Rackspace's hosting portfolio
    • Customer admins use a web UI for account and user management
    • Decoupled Provisioning system provisions and updates users in the SharePoint environment
    • Technologies used - C#, ASP.Net MVC, NServiceBus, NHibernate, MySQL, ActiveMQ, SharePoint 2007
  • Additional Exchange Environments
    • Scale out the storage and provisioning systems for Hosted Microsoft Exchange
    • To overcome the capacity restrictions of the first environment, new environments were built
    • Control Panel was extended to allow provisioning mailboxes in multiple environments
    • Technologies used - C#, ASP.Net MVC, MySQL, ActiveMQ, NHibernate

Lex Inc.

Nov 2007Jul 2009

Software Engineer

  • Requirements gathering, analysis, engineering and implementing software solutions
  • Design, development and deployment of litigation support software
  • Maintenance and production support of deployed software systems 


  • Notes Monster
    • Desktop tool that processes a Lotus Notes archive (NSF) - email and application files for e-Discovery
    • Processing involves mining all metadata from NSFs based on native storage and object model
    • Text and Document attachments are extracted and rendered to PDF, Tiff and HTML formats
    • Technologies used - VB.Net, SQL Server, Adobe PDF Writer

Lynx Services, PPG Industries

Dec 2006Aug 2007

System Analyst

  • Support automation, custom report generation and application maintenance
  • Trouble shooting and software security maintenance
  • Design and develop SQL scripts to maintain databases for in-house applications


  • Support Automation
    • Develop tools to automate the handling of support issues for in-house insurance claim management system
    • Research, document and rank various errors and exceptions in the claim management system
    • Web interface for helpdesk to view the exceptions, database records and update "bad" data to resolve errors
    • Technologies used - ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server
Jan 2006Jun 2006

Co-op Process Control

  • Requirement analysis, design and develop software for mobile devices for inventory management
  • Documentation and training users on the inventory management software


  • Inventory Management System
    • Enhance a system to manage, update and view the inventory of steel slabs
    • A client GUI application running on Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 palmtops
    • The servers are VAX systems running Fortran 77 that communicate via TCP/IP
    • Technologies used - .Net Compact Framework, VB.Net, FORTRAN 77

Research and Notable Projects

SOL2Java compiler

  • Compile programs written in SOL into executable SINS agents
  • SOL (Secure Operations Language) is a specification language
  • SINS (Secure Infrastructure for Networked Systems) is a virtual machine that runs on top of the Java virtual machine
  • The SINS agents communicate thorough Spread using 'monitored' and 'controlled' variables while 'internal' variables are used for internal computation
  • Technologies usedJFlex, Cup, Java

Ontology based Expert System

  • Build an expert system that enables creating, manipulating and inferring on ontological entities
  • Model Ontological entities using Object oriented designs and principles
  • Build an interactive GUI to access, retrieve and manipulate ontology(s)
  • Compare ontological entities to object-oriented counterparts
  • Technologies usedJava, swing


West Virginia University

Aug 2003Aug 2006

M.S. Computer Science

University of Madras

Aug 1999Jun 2003

B.E. Computer Science