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Riyadh - Cairo

Work History

2014Until now

Head of Department of Transportation

Abdullah Al Othaim Markets

1. Prepare the annual and five-year plans for activities to manage and monitor its implementation after adoption.
2. Identification of the company's needs of various means of transportation in coordination with the relevant administrative units and working on the follow-up provided.
3. various means of transport of the company's traffic management, and meet all the requests for administrative units of transport services.
4. determine the periodic maintenance of the means of transportation programs and follow up their implementation.
5. Follow-up to the periodic inspection of the means of transport and trouble-shooting operations.
6. oversee the proper use of drivers for transportation.
7. insurance needs and transportation of fuels and oils, and other consumables.
8. insurance and transportation and follow-up procedures for termination of accidents.
9. complete licenses Sir procedures for the transport and regeneration.
10. determine the management needs of the labor, equipment and materials forces and follow up their implementation.
11. Prepare periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the administration's proposals and the development of working out and submitted to the Director General of Administrative and Financial Affairs.


The receipt of the Director

Ragab's sons

1. overseeing the implementation of programs and procedures for him to work and follow-up workflow and performance of branch staff 

2. supervision and follow-up of officials of the partitions on Alastelamat varieties, organized and arranged from warehouses (foibles - follow the activities of competitors).

3. Review the inventory items with department officials varieties of high value.

4 work-monthly reports that show the movement of Alastelamat increase or deviation and make recommendations for achieving the objectives of the branch.

5. Reply to emails and the speed of responding to all sides.

6. Action Special Reports staff and their performance and their evaluation.

7. The meeting with the staff of each period to find out the conditions of sections and staff needs

8. create an atmosphere sophisticated work between employees reflected on the tender inside the branch staff and their service to customers.

9. work permits for the library and a review of government departments.


distribution supervisor

Arab Publisher Software

1-selling delegates meeting
2 Follow-up delegate sales
3-solving problems among the delegates on the market or within the company
4-evaluate the work of the delegates sales
5-promote products through the management of its representatives and Togerm in approaches Albouapa and go down with them in the itineraries and explain the benefits of new products and the profit margin for customers in a way good persuasion





Contribute and cooperate with various scientific bodies in providing solutions to the problems of the developing countries in general and Egypt in particular.