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Web Developer

- Project name: Dev Blog.

- CMS to control blogging, CRUD model for three modules: USER, POST, COMMENT (for now).

- Built with HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Ajax, JQuery, PHP OOP and MySQL.


Solider in the egyptian armed forces


Teaching Assistant

Cairo Higher institute for engineering and computer science

I worked as a Teaching assistant in management information systems department.


Web Developer

Cairo Higher institute for engineering and computer science

An Educational organization site to offer it's services to the students online.

 - in this project, i used the following languages and techniques: 

  • Front-end pages using: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap,  JQuery .
  • Back-end developing using: PHP, Laravel Framework, Mysql DB.

Web Development Instructor

Edinburgh Academy for Advanced Training, EAAT.

I taught the following topics: 

  • HTML,  CSS Fundamentals . 
  • PHP scripting language basics.
  • Database programming using MYSQL . 
  • Building a dynamic websites by PHP.

Web Developer

Sales WebApp for marketing company

- The point of making this project was to handle the sales process achieved by the sales man starting from making products bill till calculating sales's men salary depending on its sales. 

- It was my Graduation project,  which i  built using the following :

  • Building the front-end interfaces using: HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Develop the content using  PHP language with  Mysql DB engine.

Soft Skills


Good reading, speaking and writing.

Web Design 

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap

Web Development

PHP, Laravel Framework, MySQL Databases, Vue Js framework

Git version control system

One of the distributed version control systems