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jQuery Basics

Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, JavaScript framework. in this course i learnt how to build responsive website with a great designs.


PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics
  • How to Design and Develop Projects with PHP
  • advanced PHP concepts.

Graduation Project

  • Project Title : System for Calculating Envoy Salary and Bonus in  Marketing Company.

    it is a Web-based Application, to do  operations which related to Sales, Attendance system, Evaluation System and Salary calculations.

    • I was the Team Manager and full-stack web developer.
    • As a web developer, I did the following :
      • I've designed the System User Interface.
      • I helped my team to build the database.
      • I've developed the System.
    • As a Team Manager, I was responsible for collecting tasks from team members and add them in the project to achieve the Integration of the Project .

Bachelor Degree

Thebes higher institute for Computer and Management sciences
  • Basics of Computer Science
  • Programming basics and Types such: OOP , programming ( C++, Java).
  • Database programming.
  • Information security basics.
  • System analysis and design.
  • Projects management.
  • Decision support basics.
  • Accounting and management studies.

Grade : Excellent.


JavaScript Essential Training
  • Core of JavaScript
  • Working with forms
  • Working with events

PHP tutorials

Edinburgh Academy for Advanced Training, EAAT
  • PHP basics
  • MYSQL basics

HTML and CSS Course
  • HTML  and  HTML5
  • CSS and CSS3



Web Development Instructor

Edinburgh Academy for Advanced Training, EAAT.

I'm  coordinator and instructor
As a coordinator , my missions are  :

  1. Accomplishes department and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
  2. Resolves administrative problems by analyzing information; identifying and communication solutions
  3. Guides employee actions by researching, developing, writing, and updating administrative procedures

As a constructor , I'm teaching these subjects :

  • HTML,  CSS, CSS3 . 
  • PHP with MySQL.
  • How to build a dynamic websites by PHP.

Soft Skills


Very good reading, speaking and writing.

Team Working
Communication Skills