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Taha Mobarak Aldosari



  • An independent, very active, and self-motivated professional with excellent skills; able to grow positive relationships with clients and colleagues at all organizational levels.


Sep 2010Dec 2015

Bachelor of business administration (Uncompleted) 

I have completed 111 out of 120 credits towards my Bachelor degree in the field of business administration with a current GPA of 2.1 out of 4.

College Of Technology



Associated degree of College of technology from the department of management technology in the field of Marketing with a GPA of 3.24 out of 5.  

Work experience

HYKAL Omrani Consulting office

APRIL 2016Current

Director of Administration



  1. Facilities management.
  2. Support Services Department.
  3. Employment Services Department.
  4. Board of Directors including new board orientation, board meeting attendance and taking of official minutes.
  5. Liaison to association attorney for legal aspects of association administration.
  6. Budget development and management.
  7. Staff and member travel.
  8. Confidential records of the association.


  1. Development of corporate policies.
  2. Salary administration and benefit programs.
  3. Personnel records/documentation.
  4. Position posting, screening and interviewing candidates.
  5. New hire orientation program; exit interview program.
  6. Employee programs and activities.

City Hall ( Wadi Aldawasir, Riyadh )

Aug 2007Mar 2009

Book keeper ( Department of financial management )


  1. Record day to day financial transactions and complete the posting process.
  2. Verify that transactions are recorded in the correct day book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger and general ledger.
  3. Bring the books to the trial balance stage.
  4. Perform partial checks of the posting process.
  5. Enter data, maintain records and lunch reports.
  6. Process accounts receivable/payable and handle payroll in a timely manner.

Prior to that time I also worked as procurement officer for a short period of time.




Group work

Excellent (I have done a lot of group work through my Bachelor degree. Also I have done a course called Team work which has improved my group work skills). 




Excellent + very good with Microsoft office . 

Strategic thinking

Very good


Available upon request.