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Working in the games industry for 10 yrs. has made me realize that the morale and collaboration of the team is pivotal to making successful games. By focusing on the well being of the team I enable them to be working to the best of their abilities collectively and individually. I work hard to drive collaboration and communication by building rapport and trust through humor, sarcasm, food, similar interests and acknowledged appreciation for the work they do to name a few.  

I welcome change and am always looking at how to improve things not only for myself but also for the company and those that I work with. However, I am thoughtful about how this is done because change can be disruptive and shouldn’t hinder progress but should move us closer to awesomeness. My idea of success is when I hear and see the people that I work with having fun, showing off their work because they are excited about what they are creating and working towards creating a product that everyone can be proud to be a part of.


Work experience

Jan 2011Present


Projects * 2014 - Untitled Project - iOS, Android * 2013 - Angry Birds Starwars - 3DS, Wii, WiiU, PS Vitas, PS3, PS4, XB 360, XB 1 * 2013 - Angry Birds Trilogy - PS Vita * 2013 - Diggs Nightcrawler - PS3 Wonderbook * 2012 - Angry Birds Trilogy - Nintendo 3DS Achievements



Certified Scrum Master

Mike Cohen, Scrum Alliance

Agile Estimating and Planning, User Stories, Scrum Master



Associates of Science (A.S)

City College of San Francisco

Studied Film Production