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Work experience

Jun 2015Aug 2015


Boswell High School

Effectively transfer any incoming calls to the correct location, answer any and all questions accurately, handle all verification of enrollment forms (VOE) and assist with  transcripts, and maintain a neat and clean work space.

Apr 2015Jul 2015


Brick House Tavern and Tap

Greet every guest that enters and exits the restaurant, take all to go orders and correctly gather the entire order for pickup, maintain a visually appealing front of house entrance to the restaurant, and seat every guest in a appropriate area, while keeping rotation between the servers. 

Education and High School Involvement

GPA: 85.875

Class Rank: 228 out of 324
Aug 2011Jun 2015

General Education

Boswell High School

During my time spent at Boswell i participated in as many clubs as time would allow me, such as KEY club, which was a community serviced geared organization; as well as FCCLA which was community service based as well; during my senior year i was chosen to be a Assistant Principles office assistant. 


Soccer Team

Varsity Team Member

I was the lead Goal keeper for partial of the season and then was moved to center forward. 


Basketball Team

Junior Varsity Team Member

I unfortunately endured a severe knee injury requiring surgery and no longer could compete on the team; so i had to resign beginning of my Junior year. I was the center and power forward for the team.


Volleyball Team 

Freshman Team Member

Middle Blocker



Ever since I could walk, sports has always been a large part of my life. It brought my father and I together and created a drive and passion in me that i don't believe I would have today if I had never of began to engage in. I have played volleyball, basketball, golf, soccer, flag football, sand volleyball, and a short but funny attempt at the 100 meter dash hurdles in middle school. 

Family Time

My Family is very near and dear to my heart, they mean everything to me. I'm the type of person who would rather everyone come to my house instead of me go somewhere else; I really enjoy having everyone together; laughing, joking, talking, and experiencing life together. 


This is something that my mother and I connect on, we both enjoy to start Pinterest projects; although we are attracted to different styles of crafts for example she enjoys more of the wood staining and actual building of things (floating headboards) I enjoy painting canvases, creating wall decor, making DIY beauty products, and one of my very favorites attempting to recreate all the cute deserts everyone re-pins.


I enjoy traveling very much, I have had the privilege to venture to France, Mexico, California, Oklahoma, Florida, Louisiana, Idaho, Seattle, Hawaii, Arkansas and Arizona. 

Little Bit About Me

First I would like to start off with thank you so much for taking the time to not only read this basically autobiographical paper on myself but to take the time to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf; it is greatly appreciated. Through high school everyone faces a mountain or two through the quick four years you spend there; mine happened to be ADD. I was not diagnosed until my senior year for the soul purpose of never being tested, my mother and I thought that it was a phase and I would soon grow up; but my academics suffered. Sitting in class everyday trying to completely focus and retain all the new information was my toughest problem, the slightest tap of the pen or pop of someones gum would instantly distract me and as long as that was going on that is all that i was focused on. I maintained A's, B's and a few c's; when I know that i could have done better. My mom and I going into senior year agreed that i would be tested, sooner or later results came back and I was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficient Disorder) which is an actual chemical imbalance in your body. Not long after i was put on medication we began to see a HUGE change in my grades and overall disposition, school became easier for me and I could remember how to do things as well as stay engaged for the entire course, my grades went to A's and B's with no C's in sight.  Life became easier for me,  the diagnosis it has helped me set a fire to my hunger to learn and excel in school. I have goals to make the Deans list every chance possible and to eventually go onto Graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania where i will continue my studies of business. 

Overall I want to get the message across that I am a dedicated student, as well as I could be described as bubbly, adventurous, loyal, dependent, courageous, and charming. 

I'm a huge people person and I jump at the chance to meet new people, which is why I believe joining a sorority is right for me; I can bring a lot to any organization.  The advertisement of sisterhood for life excites me, I have friends and family who have joined sororities and fraternities and are still to this day as close as ever with their brothers and sisters; and that will be something else that i look forward to.  Another large aspect that interests me in the philanthropy side of things, I love the idea of organizations helping organizations, I would love to be apart of something bigger than I am and to help someone else in need. I believe that, that is what we area all here for; to help those who we can offer assistance to. Everyone needs help at one point in their lifetime and i cannot think of anything more humbling than community service.