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Work History


Videographer director producer and editor

Gossip meets Couture  Las Vegas online show

I got hired from Gossip meets Couture New York to shoot a gossip meets Couture Las Vegas celebrity red carpet online show I was the videographer director producer and editor of all 8 episodes that we did.

7 Business commercials, 6 music videos, a wedding and much more videos.

I also make websites and advertising



High School video yearbook

Charter Oak High School

I was the top student in my class for the video yearbook and High School but since then I have shot the online show like 6 business commercials and also 4 music videos I also shot a wedding, a funeral, a concert so I have learned a lot since 2004 and 5 maybe not in school but through training online and through people that I know that do it and for all my videos that I shot on my page on YouTube I have about 40 of them I was the videographer, director, producer, and editor of every single one so I have learned a lot and I'm always open to learning more. Video is my future and learning is how I'm going to get there I have learned a lot but of course we always learn new things everyday


Skills that I have is

Video production skills directing, managing, website design, advertising


My YouTube channel for all of my videos