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Work experience

Sep 2013Apr 2014


TopWay English School

Teaching in TopWay Passo Fundo for six months was an enriching professional experience which helped me develop better understanding of how knowledge and skills are transmitted and processed by students of diverse age and language proficiency from the perspective of an educator.

TopWay schools utilize the English-only methodology, which challenged both mine, and the students' resourcefulness and capability to "build cross-cultural bridges".

Aside from teaching, I was also charged with other tasks, mainly with creating didactic materials, organizing students' activities, and such. With enough liberty given, my efforts eventually resolved into a new class design, which helped reshape the education plan of the school, and hopefully had left a beneficial impact. 


Sep 2014Present

English Language & Literature; Philosphy

Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts

I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in a double-subject programme. In my philology studies, I am set on a track of linguistics specialization.


Language Teaching: English
I started developing this skill during my bachelor's studies (by attending school trainings, as well as teaching privately), however, it notably improved only after my first truly professional experience as an educator in Brazil.
Text Translation: English - Slovak (Czech), and vice versa
Text translation has always been a substantial part of both my academic efforts (especially in philosophy) and my professional engagements (translating both for organizations and privately).
Text Editing
Aside from teaching and translating, I have also recently started gathering basic experience in text editing and audio transcription.


Slovak / Czech (native)

English (expert)

Summary & Current Objectives

Last year I finished the first stage of my higher education studies with good results, and decided to take some extra time before I enroll back at the unversity in order to gain some real-life professional experience as an English teacher.

I have recently managed to fulfill this objective on a professional internship in a language school in Brazil, where I have learned a great deal about what the educational process looks like "from the other side".

I am currently focused on finishing my studies in philosophy and linguistics, while continually seeking opportunities to acquire new professional skills - preferably beyond the area of education. 

Current professional occupations:

  • translating for web-based translation service
  • internship in the editorial board of an upcoming webzine Euro-Atlantic! think.act.lead.