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1989 - Present


British Council

English: High level written and spoken

Qualification: Cambridge Advanced 1994

Present Day: I attend Advanced English classes at the British Council, Valencia

1994:  Proficiency intensive course CES, Valencia

Nov 2013

Web 2.0

Fundación Uned

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Sep 1989 - Jun 1994


CEU University, Valencia

1989 -1994: During this period, I combined my studies at the university with several jobs to gain practical experience and insight into my chosen career path.  

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2007 - May 2014



For a weekly documentary series referred to writers, kings, emblematic architecture/buildings or special events related with Valencia’s Community present, past or centuries ago. Our aim is to spread to our audience our cultural and historical heritage. My job was to co-ordinate both the technical and human resources during the development of projects. I have travelled extensively in Spain and abroad to countries such as Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria and Great Britain. I would like to mention some of my best works:

2013 ‘La Llotja, temple de mercaders’, ‘Del subsòl al cel, els tresors de la catedral’

2012 ‘Memòries d'Algèria’

2011  ‘Els Valencians de la Pepa’

2010 ‘Joanot i Tirant’, ‘Miguel Hernández’

2009 ‘Berlín 9 de Novembre’, ‘De terra endins de mar enllá’

2008 ‘Ausias March Cor d,hacer de carn i de fusta’

2007 ‘Jaume I, el rei dels Valencians”

2005 - 2007



Based in C9-TVV newsroom to produce a live daily programme. Co-ordinate lives, shooting crews, shooting permissions, technical facilities.

1997 - 2006

Producer-Foreign Correspondent


During this period as well as producing, I also worked as a foreign correspondent.  Reporting on international conflicts in countries such as Belgium and Afghanistan (2001), Irak-Kuwait (2003), Israel (2004), The London terrorist attack (2005), Israel-Lebanon (2006), The Mª José Carrascosa trial in NY (2007), as well as breaking news stories in Spain.

In addition to the above, I’ve had other duties in the news department such as production and coordination of live broadcasting events as well as producing RTVV News programmes.

1995 - 1997


Coordination of advertising campaign for the Valencian company ‘Chufi’. Spot TV-1997

Clip ‘Sunset Boulevard’ featuring the singer Javier Álvarez. Directed and produced by Tono Errando.

Film ‘Go For Gold’. Produced by Win Wenders and directed by Lucián Segura. Marea Films producciones-1996                                                                                                       

Film "ISLA NEGRA" shooted in Cuba. Directed by Cecilia Bartolomé. Marea Films Producciones-1996

Film "LA CAMISA DE LA SERPIENTE". Directed by Antonio P. Canet. Estudios Andro-1996

TV series "BENIFOTREM". Directed by Antonio P. Canet. Estudios Andro & Canal 9 TVV-1996

Documentary "EL SUEÑO DE LA MEDIA LUNA" saharauis. Directed & produced by Pedro Rosado-1995

P.A Advertising Campaign. Prevention Aids. Health Ministry. A.D.S. Advertising Publicidad.-1994

NBC TELEVISIÓN in Johannesburg, South Africa, First democratic elections-1994

TELEVISA in Johannesburg, South Africa-1993


Nowdays life is difficult. I love participating in some interesting film projects through crowdfunding. ("Five days to Dance"; Documentary about Ortifus)


I love reading mystery and romantic novels, hiking, swimming, dancing and what is my best, travelling.