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Work experience

Apr 2009Present


Think Rich Coaching, LLC
May 2011Present

Founder - Job-getting Formula Coaching

Think Rich Coaching, LLC

Author of Think Rich or Die Poor -*The Job-getting Formula* – Why You Can Hardly Get A High-paying Job If You Don’t Think Like The Employer… And What To Do About It!

Teach Secrets Most Job Seekers will NEVER  know about Employers and getting a high-paying job.

Jun 2010Present

Founder - Winning Habits Coaching

Think Rich Coaching, LLC

Author of Think Rich or Die Poor - *The 12 Habit Pillars* – Why Are Winners Always Attracting Riches… And Which 12 Secret Habits You Must Develop If Your Ever Want to Become A Winner

Teach People how to achieve Personal, Career and Business Goals by developing the 12 Secret Habits of Winners.

Jan 2006Mar 2009

Senior Buyer

Guinness-Diageo West Africa Hub

Managed XAF 3 billion plus worth of Supplier Accounts and Contracts that included: Transporters of Beer, Capital Expenditure & Site Construction Projects,  Engineering & Maintenance, Office and Industrial Cleaning, Marketing, Promotions and PR.

Apr 2004Dec 2005

Graduate Trainee on Companywide Rotation(HR, Sales Strategy Development, Engineering and Maintenance Planning, Logistics, Procurement)

Guinness-Diageo West Africa Hub


May 2009Present

Independent Licensed Life Success Consultant

Bob Proctor Life Success Consultants
Jan 2008Dec 2008

Senior Professional in Supply Management Certification

Next Level Purchasing

Proficient and Experienced in the following skill areas:

  • Expert Purchasing management
  • Executing a Global Sourcing Strategy
  • Supply Management Contract Writing
  • Savings Strategy Development
  • 14 Purchasing Best Practices
  • Powerful Negotiation For Successful Buying
  • Microsoft Project for Supply and Procurement Professionals
  • Microsoft Excel for Supply and Procurement Professionals


Special Skills

Here are the special skills I have developed that I can directly put to work for you:

  • How to "lock in" negotiated pricing, service delivery specifications, and warranties that FORCE a contractor to deliver best price, service and quality, EVERY MONTH.
  • How to avoid poor contractor service that causes truck breakdowns and financial penalties from customer - making it unlikely to meet up with monthly loan payments.
  • Certified contract-writing techniques to protect your Company from risks - e.g. being "legally committed" to a poor performing, high-cost contractor for years. (causing loss of profits and cash flow and failures to meet up with loan repayments.
  • A "Systematic Method" for identifying, analyzing and executing cost avoidance and savings opportunities that automatically maximizes total monthly savings, boosts profits and cash flow and enables repayment of loans and other financial obligations.
  • 4 ways to detect FAST and EASY cost savings opportunities that increase profits and cash flow in a very short period of time, such as 2 months from implementation date.
  • Closely-kept negotiation secrets contractors don't want you to know. (How to use them to get the best deals reserved only for savvy buyers and best customers)