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Sylvain Jacquot

Chemometric engineer in food applications

Work experience

Sep 2010Sep 2015

Engineer in biophysical measurements

VetAgro Sup - Agronomic Campus

Quick and non-destructive characterization of various food stuffs by spectral and image analysis:

-Studied the technical and economical feasibility, the development and the validation of designed maths models to predict compounds and characteristics of interests

-Developed, validated and automated IT programs associated, such as data acquisition, recovery and analysis

-Studied several chemometric methods, exploratory models as predictive ones in order to describe the link between texture ans structure, nutritional composition or discrimination between samples

Took part in the implementation of ISO9001 Quality referential

Organization and animation of several sessions of technical work on food stuff production, characterization and design plans analysis

Sep 2007Sep 2009

Products and Processes improvement engineer


Designed new products, such as generic brands, own labels and exported labels

Formulated new products according to requirement specifications

Studied the technical and economical feasibility

Created technical, production documents and buyer-supplier requirement specification

Organized of industrial trials and first productions

Took part of the Quality planning and crisis analysis

Implemented pilot samples management

Been a Audit Chief in HACCP and BP transverse applications

Feb 2007Jul 2007

Manager of a Technology Center

EPL Saint Genis Laval

Been in charge of the service of the whole Technology Center (industrial pilots, gas furnace and electric switchboards

Organized practical work sessions and technical referent

Managed the Sensorial Analysis Laboratory aimed to help the SMEs / SMIs

Organized consumer tests and preservation studies on soups, mashed fruits, jams and beverages

Analyzed statistically the data and created technical reviews

Mar 2006Sep 2006

Research and Development Engineer


Developed a brand new bread product assortment in partnership of a milling and baking industrial

Characterized the production parameters and improved production tools

Developed and equipped a research and development laboratory

Organized and managed consumers tests up to 200 people

Analyzed statistically the data under Excel and XLStat, and created technical reviews



Master of Sciences with special emphasis in Food industry production and IT analysis

AgroParisTech (former ENSIA aka. Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Alimentaires)

Three-year program on Food industry conception, Quality improvement, Statistics and IT