Comprehensive Background:

Having worked for Harveys Furniture for nearly 7 years, I am fully versatile in all aspects of the daily duties and tasks associated with the showroom aspects of the industry. My previous employment of 12 years in the retail industry, as a manager, taught me an ability to rapidly achieve organisational competence, easily assimilate job requirements and enthusiastically adopt and employ new ideas, concepts and methods to reach maximum business profitability. 

I am strongly motivated to capitalise on aquired experience.

Successful Customer relation:

Having worked in a customer service environment since the age of 9, I have acquired a keen flair in anticipating local customer changing needs.One of my goals would be to extend the growth of our already existing customer base with each sale. With an unmistakably superb showroom targeting a unique niche in the market, conjoined with a high standard of service, one truly attractive to Watfordians and surrounding population, I believe I can work with your company on capitalising on these, and intelligently and discerningly educating our widening catchment area about our products and services as an effort to encourage either return visits or reputation in view of maturing and expending turn around locally.

I hope this will help in your understanding the possible contribution I could make to your branch.

General Interests:

I am a highly motivated person driven by success, I enjoy a social environment  and I have a straightforward, positive and honest mind. Punctuality and reliability are easy to me.

I have interest in languages, being bilingual myself, and I spend some of my spare time translating.

Other interests are sociology, geopolitics, religion, cultures and anthropology.

I am fluent and confident with computers.


Left Harveys whilst in 2nd position in Harveys Furniture for all of the REGION's related KPIs Year To Date, and 1st in my BRANCH, based on:

Delivery Rate

Sales Per Hour

Share of Business

Finance penetration

Controllable Discount

Protection Percentage

Average Transaction Value

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2007 - Oct 2013

Sales Consultant

Harveys Furniture

I have been employed by Harveys Furniture at the Watford Branch since January 2007, with a couple of escapades to Bensons for Beds and to our store in Tottenham Court Road London.

With a constantly growing and changing company presenting a regular flow of challenges, Harveys Furniture has been a pleasure and a growth to my already existing experience. Through various trainings and platform for self-growth, I have maximised my ability to adapt and root myself in the furniture industry which I now consider a vocation.

With the desire and drive to know both the regularly changing products, operational systems and customer needs and habits, I have a natural capability to assimilate the above mentioned toward a great selling experience for all parties

Oct 2006 - Dec 2006

Mandated Sales Person

FourWays Marketing

Temporary self-employed in the face-to-face marketing industry selling door-to-door.

Mar 1995 - Oct 2006

Store Manager

Jones Bootmaker

Handling a budget of about 1 million pounds and holding a stock value of over £400000, I managed a successful environment producing an increase of approximately 5 to 7% year on year, rising the status of my department from 9th to 1st.

My main tasks were to create a solid customer base through a second-to-none service, and handling all complaints related to my department. I was in charge of filtering all transactions and customer orders, dealing with factories and suppliers, establishing a work structure, organising staff trainings, monitoring productivity, maintaining stock, executing stock takings, dressing windows and shop floor, and implementing various other day-to-day tasks, apart of course from maximising revenue.

Occasionally I would be given the charge of one other department or all three, comprising of around 30-40 employees. Although these departments were of a greater capacity, my appointed area was the only one producing an increase, resulting in a continual bonus receipt, quarter after quarter. I pride myself in having successfully implemented an energetic and motivated spirit within my team, and a strong appreciative-minded customer relationship.

Reason for leaving: Redundancy due to store-wide cost-cuttings.

1988 - 1994

Restaurant Services

Various Catering Employments

After leaving school, I had various catering employments in high standard hotels such as the Waldorf Hilton, The Hide Park Hotel, The Grovenor House, and The Londonderry Hotel in London, and at the end of that period, I retreated to miscellaneous vacancies related to fast food.

Jul 1979 - Aug 1986

General assistant


From the age of nine, I was introduced to customer service, when I would work every summer on a seaside resource in Brittany, selling ice-cream on the beach, publicly making lollopops and selling confectioneries, burgers, sandwiches and freshly (early) morning peeled potato fries.