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Summary of Objectives

Recent masters looking forward to leverage librarian academic knowledge,internship & volunteer experience in your esteemed organization, recognized for being exceptionally organized, committed and personable with clients.

Constant desire to be of service. As a librarian I have following aims.

  • Play a leading role in enhancing the overall users experience.
  • Provide excellent services in support of organizational needs and research.
  • Develop and enhance access to high-quality resources
  • Encourage better relationships between library staff and organization.
  • Deploy our staff and space more effectively
  • Ensure well-trained and motivated services to the staff, organization & users.
  • As a librarian my basic objective will be to maintain all books in library in a very efficient way  
  • Generate the distribution desk in an adequate manner.  
  • Acquire different places for books, journals and audiovisual items,  
  • Take various methods for keeping records and vital documentation of incoming periodicals and other items with identifying them for further security reason. 

Work History

October' 18 2016Present

Digital Librarian 

Cyber Internet Services- A Lackson Group Of Company
  • Supervisor Phase-in, Phase-out data of digital product,
  • Manager online library & archives,
  • Acquirer, Manager for Metadata of digital product.
  • Monitors media content of various media broadcasters.
  • Maintaining company's repute and relationships with all the internal and external stakeholders including TV Channels partners.
  • Conducting 'how to use' demos for respective individuals of media channels.
  • Leading a team for cataloging/populating metadata in the portal for the digital product.
  • Ensuring the completeness and quality of Meta-data and the entire content of Digital product. 


March' 14 2016October' 14 2016

Library Trainee Officer

IBA Institute of Business Administration Library & Data Research Centre

Performing following library activities.

1. Circulation services

Specifically book transactions (checkouts & check-ins), guiding and satisfying users reference & referral queries, routine circulation queries such as making library patterns in KOHA managing library's potential usage records, looking over fine queries, etc.

2. Research support

(for PhD & MS students) dealing with article queries, statistical reports requests, case studies requests using electronic databases (such as comtrade, Euromonitor, Islamic finance news, IMF & world bank's E library) & printed resources.

                a) Using Thomson Reuters Data stream for financial statistical data requests, providing  Endnote (reference management software's services).

3. Collection & Acquisition services

As a library trainee officer I'm assisting for the acquisition of library material from making
correspondence with vendors to preparing of approvals, orders, acquiring material, billing of acquired material to the acquisition/ maintaining records of the acquired library material.

4. Technical Services ( Classification & Cataloging)

Highly skilled in maintaining library's literary record in an integrated library management software. I've been technically processing that is classifying books, journals, research publications, government publications & others using DDC and cataloging them or importing Z39.50 records in KOHA.

                  a) Preparation of books & cataloged items providing assistance to library attendants in printing & pasting of barcodes, spine labels & book cards from KOHA etc.

5. Collection & Maintenance services (Serial & Archives) I've managed 5 years record of IBA libraries local Pakistani publications managing every frequency from annual, bi-annual, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, fortnightly to weekly as well as acquiring and cataloging the serials in the form of cardex entries.

                 a) Clipping of important, IBA related, users demanded and subjects and areas
offered news and media advertisements

6. Library Orientation sessions I've performed library orientation and instructional sessions briefing about the library's services, library spaces, resources, e-resources, collections.



Pakistan Navy Engineering College PNEC-NUST

Worked as an internee at Pakistan Navy Engineering College PNEC-NUST for the digitizing (classification & cataloging) of library's collection into ILS KOHA.



23 years



Februrary 2000February 2009

Secondary school in Science

Karachi Public High School

Secured 87%



koha is an integrated library management system. I am expert in digitizing the library material completely on koha as well as providing services of cataloging, lending, working in administrative module, referencing etc.

Maintaining & updating of Library online public access catalog as well as I'm expert in customizing the library catalog as well.


I've practically learned and achieved highest marks in retrieving information, articles,
news queries from e-resources as a part of my academic degree as well as my training period at IBA libraries. Including databases as JSTOR, Emerald, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Press display & others.

SubjectsPlus Guide

Subjectsplus is a an open source tool (created at Ithaca College Library in the USA) that enables libraries to create and manage online research guides. They allow many different ways of presenting the guides and enabling users to access them (for example, users may want to navigate by subject, by course, by database or by the type of information they seek). I've attended workshops for the stated skill.


ICA-AtoM is web-based archival description software. 'AtoM' is an acronym for 'Access to Memory'. I'm expert in managing library archives, keeping their record as well as retrieving them in a digital/automated library environment.


OPEN BIBLIO  is another integrated library management system. I am expert in digitizing the library material complety on it as well as providing services of lending, acquisition,cataloguing etc.


expert in using the latest version adobe Photoshop CC as well as earlier versions.


Expert in designing as well as running the library website and updating it regularly with latest organizational holdings.


Expert in catalouging of library holdings to retrieve the demands of users on time by using ANGLO AMERICAN CATALOUGING RULES


Expert in organizing and classifying the library holdings in a systematic manner by using DEWEY DECIMAL UNIVERSAL CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM.


Using currently since 7 years.

My online websites

Take a look at the website designed by me with complete library collections both online ( e books, e newspapers, e magazines) & offline in the form of PDF files.


Stands at 2nd position at graduation level.

Stands at 2nd position at masters level.


  • Reading books
  • Surfing internet for online articles, journals and e-books
  • Searching online repositories


Outreach services for Public Libraries

Designed an outreach service program that can be implemented in any of the public libraries. The outreach services designed in this plan are taken from Toronto Public Library, British Library, Chicago Public Library and libraries within Pakistan's outreach services. 

SDLC system design lifecycle

A system design proposal presented by me that can be implemented in the technical section section of any academic library. Designed by examining, observing and keeping in view a working technical section of an engineering college library.

Library Management Software (LMS)

An  integrated Library management Software (LMS) designed by me on MS-Acess (in house) consisting of all library modules, searching queries, reports importing feature, switchboards, user details and proper OPAC fully operational to be used in any library.