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As Software Developer/Programmer with history of productivity and successful project outcomes.

Passionate in merging the gap between field of software engineering and other fields to achieve the efficient outcome and to increase leverage of use of a product.

Knowledgeable in Software development tools, processes and techniques.

A skilled communicator, able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of diverse groups, and promote team cohesiveness.

Particular strength in bridging cultural gaps among people through education and interpersonal relations.


Aug 2011Jul 2015

Bachelor’s Degree                                                                                                                                PAF Karachi institute of Engineering and Technology                                            

BS -Software Engineering


Game Development

Unity3d , XNA framework

Front-End Development

JavaScript,Css, Css3 , Html, html 5


MySql , Sql Server 

Back-End Development

C# , , PHP , Python.

Final Year Project

3D First Person Shooting Game on Unity3The story line is based on Pakistan

Game contains artificial bots as enemy

Programming has done on .Net,

UI has done on Photoshop,

Modeling has done on Blender

Academic Project

Game (Save Ball) on XNA framework

Representation of Sorting Algorithms

Browser (Simple Browser) on Python

C++ Representation of Algorithm with complexity

Fishery’s management system

Product Suggestion System

Fishery's management system with Patterns

Code Lock system with micro-controller

FPS game with path finding algorithms

Call blocking app

Model of solar system in OPENGL

Inventory Management System

Web server on Linux Ubuntu

University network on Packet Tracer

Key Achievements

Co-head of WEB SPARK Competition in COMBAT

Head of IT in COMBAT

Delegate in KIETMUN

Awarded merit scholarship in University

Awarded best Project in Routing and Switching

Awarded best project in Software Engineering



Zaviya Motivational Workshop

KIET Model United Nation

El Inovador Society