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Overall 9.4 yrs Experience in Software Industry , around 9yrs + Development Experience in .Net Technologies/Web/Windows Application. Worked on abundant number of technologies.  Apart from being Successful Team lead have good exposure on identifying application bottlenecks ,  Identification and Fixing of Security Vulnerabilities., Volume Performance Testing and Load Testing, Unit Tests , Fitnesse Tests, Continuous Integration process


Technical Skills
C, C# , Sql, JavaScript, XML, CSS, Microsoft Sharepoint, Nhibernate, Spring.Net, HTML, Asp, ASP.NET , WCF 4, ADO.NET, ASP.NET  WEB SERVICES, Ajax, Windows Application.Net, Com, Com +,AOP, Design Patterns, ASP.NET MVC, ZPL ( Zebra Programming Language ), Log4Net, Spring.Net AOP, Unit Tests, HTML, Web API,Jquery, BootStrap, Offline.js, Infragistics Ignite UI, Infragistics web and windows controls,NCache, Azure File Storage Programming
Unit Testing  Unit Testing Frameworks (Jasmine, Qunit),  Javascript Unit Test Runners like Chutzpah,  Microsoft Unit Testing Framework, Rhino
Practices Agile Methodologies
Application Servers IIS

Visual Studio.Net, Microsoft  SQL Server Management, IBM APP SCAN, Bartender, InstallShield


Windows Vista, Windows XP/NT/2000/2003/2008/2012 R2,Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Azure, Amazon Cloud, Android

Source Control

Team Foundation Sever (Visual Studio TFS ) , GIT (BitBucket) 

ORM Tools

 Nhibernate, Entity Framework, Business Entities

IDE or Tools

 IBM AppScan, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Bartender


  1. Attended AWS summit 2012 by Amazon
  2. Windows azure platform in hotel royal orchid
  3. Windows azure platform in lakshya info tech
  4. Tech vista 2010 in Leela palace
  5. Making online income by Alok Jain in hotel royal orchid
  6. Human Factoring seminar conducted in hotel royal orchid by Lahiri
  7. Motivation and Personality Development by Vidyanag




Manipal University
  • C.G.P.A : 9.1


Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering
  • Grade : 70%
  • College Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum

Streaming of Audio and Video over web
Organization : MICROSOFT
Semester : 8th
Duration : 3 months
Team size : 4
Languages :, JavaScript, SQL server
Implementation of media player and streaming media from server to client using
Microsoft recent technology called ‘Silver Light’ which is Microsoft answer for adobe flash technology.

Simulation of Solar System
Semester : 6th
Duration : 3 months
Team size : 2
Languages : C
Simulation of Solar System implements solar system using computer graphics.

2 pass Assembler
Semester : 5th
Duration : 3 months
Team size : 2
Language : C
2 pass Assembler is a machine level Application which converts Assembly language into machine understandable



St. Joseph's PU College
  • Grade : 77.3%
  • I had been NCC Cadet

St.josephs Indian
  • Grade : 77.16%
  • Attended training in  SAI (Sports Authority of India) Training
  • Organize for ECO club and Spokeperson for ECO CLub


  1. Programming in C# language
  2. Programming in SQL using MS SQL Server 2005
  3. Programming ADO.Net using C#
  4. Programming in

Work experience

Jan 2018

Software Engineer 2

Microsoft, hyderabad
Jan 2015Dec 2017

Technical Lead, Research and Devlelopment

Dec 2011Jan 2015

Senior Software Engineer, Research and Devlelopment

Manhattan Associates Development Centre Pvt. Ltd

Hands-on software development experience designing, writing, debugging and testing object oriented code.

Function as a technical team leader, leading project teams by providing direction to team members keeping team on track to complete projects and ensuring project goals are met assigning tasks to team members and reviews the work of team members.

A solid understanding of IT environments including networking, server technologies, databases, security and performance.

Work with business owners to gather requirements, prepare functional specifications, form project plans and communicate progress throughout the software development life cycle.

Lead multiple projects throughout full life cycle, interacting with business owners, designers, developers and technical operational teams.

Work independently to review, coordinate, analyze and define requirements for new development or enhancements to and maintenance of existing systems

Analyze and design technical solutions for complex business requirements at line of business level

SCALE : Manhattan SCALE™, Supply Chain Architecture for Logistics Execution, is an ideal blend of features, functionality and technology for organizations looking for a high-performing, affordable, and low-risk supply chain solution.Being the Team Lead i had many roles and responsibilities from adding to developing new functionalities of SCALE product

  1. Worked on Slotting functionality,Pick and Drop location work execution,  fixed many issues in this module.
  2. Added aggregate count functionality in Cycle count. Added Automated test cases.
  3. Rating and routing fedex functionality.FedEx bug Rating and Routing functionality about manifesting of container at close container introduced new functionalities that resulted in matching the real world customer needs.some issues with Localization and globalization,
  4. successfully contributed or implemented localization in our insights screens. Completed Globalization research as it was pending because of infragistics issues and updated the bug with required information on globalizing infragistics control,
  5. In MCII i have consistently delivered all the client reported issues with good quality,  Delivered Overlocating defect a high priority fix within 48 hoursof client reporting it ,
  6. worked on update installer added new feature to ADD/UPDATE/DELETE entries in  PRPOERTIES.SETTINGS
  7. Implemented Generic Framework for Offline Support in RF and Insight Screens User Stories related to Offline.js. 
  8. helped team to fix compatibility issues present in chrome, safari browser, picking App for RF Application.
  9. Attended IBM AppScan training ,delivered Appscan presentation to the Team, identified the key places where we are seeing security vulnerability, Identified Security Vulnerabilities in our Product using Appscan , discussed with the team related to the security issues.
  10. Successfully Implemented Offline functionality with the help of generic framework in Both SCALE RF and Insight Screen.Successfully Contributed in making RF work in other Browsers and fixed compatibility issue and hence making RF work in Samsung Tablets, IPad. contributing to the successful implementation and running of SCALE RF in Android and IOS tablets
  11. Worked on Installshield setup and supporting our product Installation using Installshield software. 
  12. Support platform upgrade to .net Framework 4.7 for Product SCALE.

I did want to mention that I got "ABOVE AND BEYOND" for handling MCII TEAM, Delivering fix to the customer within 48hours, Innovation award multiple times.

Complex Architecture : successfully implemented 10 flow web based screen with Single Page App experiences using Knockoutjs , Typescript, html, WebApi, Jquery. Successfully implemented loop based flow architecture in complex screen that can handle sequential display of dozens of screens in seamless way


SCALE product has desktop and web based application. web based application was only accessible via internet explorer. i successfully lead the project to make SCALE Product accessible to all browsers.

SIteApp: To make SCALE web application accessible via native android application , worked on SiteApp that uses webview to display application.

Modified the behavior of SCALE web application to detect the operating system and apply the stylesheet based on the User Agent

Amazon Cloud : Deployed various instances of amazon ec2, connected to this machine, did in both the places amazon and cloud used amazon email service

Azure Cloud:

  • Oppurtunistic to be Team Lead for the Deployed project that has made our Product SCALE on Cloud
  • Added Cloud Storage to SCALE Product using Azure File Storage Api.
  • worked on utilizing Load Balancer, Security Groups and Services, Application Gateways, Virtual Appliances to easily mimic on-premise architectures, and DNS services to reach and traffic manage services
  • Deployed, Load Balanced various VM's
  • worked on Site to Site VPN,
  • worked on critical project that has made our Product SCALE on Cloud.
  • High Availability / Load balancing our SCALE Product on Cloud.
  • Also deployed our SCALE Product on cloud and made it accessible via RemoteApp.
  • worked on High Availablility of Remote Desktop Services
  • worked on Application Request routing 

Performed Research on LOG:  In this task i went through various logging frameworks like Log4net, and various interception frameworks like Windsor, Spring AOP. i concluded my research by developing a prototype which performs logging of data without much work using Spring AOP and Log4net.

Developed AUDT enhancement for SCALE : i developed logging utility for SCALE Product which implements logging of data whenever an exception happens. modified the way tool parses and logs the exception data so that it writes
exception log with lots of extra information that will be very much helpful in recreating the issue at the end user.

Developed ZYAM tool : I was responsible for developing and testing ZYAM tool. ZYAM tool is a ETL tool which extracts data from microsoft sharepoint website and loads transformed data to the website. During Migration of Sharepoint post to yammer some of the difficult challenges we faced is how do we post SharePoint data to the yammer and how the end user or internal organization people will see. I completely handled Mining and Processing module of the SharePoint data which parses entire SharePoint posts and converts to YAMMER format of Posts and related replies

UNGR project : implemented few web pages in SCALE RF which perform multiple container validation in case of put into container during group work execution entirely using client side JavaScript for loading, processing and validation for faster performance and quicker display into the Client RF devices

INVA project: successfully able to introduce overlay concept which can be used to overlay any page on a existing web page. INVA enhancement had narrow deadlines but successfully implemented overlay.successfully Added visibility of Inventory Attributes in RF pages

Performance Analysis

  1. Volume performance Testing using Visual Studio: Modified Existing SCALE VPT code to be able to work on all other client database. hence our existing VPT code can be used on any client database with little configuration and finally enabled Volume Performance Testing that can be performed on any SCALE Client. Learnt Volume performance testing in SCALE and analyzing Volume Performance Testing Results.
  2. Learnt capturing Sql server traces, Performance counter tracing, Volume performance testing data. delivered fixes for performance issue bugs, and to some performance issues Async Execution.
  3. Client KOMR manual dock assignment was taking considerable amount of time and i have been successful in fixing up the issue and delivering the fix to client resulting in huge performance gains during Dock Door Assignment that now takes very less time. I made it asynchronous and fixed the performance issue
  4. Added Dynamic Logic that detects Batch size during Load Confirmation leading to the performance improvement during inventory confirmation
  5. Performance team had performance issues During Receipt Putaway Location Override and I fixed the issue and gave a benefit of 20% to 30%.
  6. MyChemist client faced multiple issues and their operations where greatly affected in the area of Picking Container Putaway screen, resulting into many concurrency issue, it was really difficult to reproduce in-house,  so I had multiple discussion with the CSO team, continous interactions to reproduce the issue, I identified the parts of the code for which we can create debug patch , given assistance to the CSO team for debug patches, Finally using the patch and after lots of investigations, we identified issues
  7. we did worked on one of the Darice customer issue where in temporary directory size in Darice where increasing indefinitely fixed the issue even though i had other assignments for delivering

Conversion of Legacy Entities to ORM

As part of this Project we were supposed to remove Legacy ORM to Nhibernate. so removed legacy orm from major part of our product.

Label ZPL : Label Learnt ZPL, analyzed and implemented labels using ZPL for clients. Created Vendor Labels as per Customer specifications, also did some custom changes other than the specification on the Label for betterment. Creating labels using Bartender and ZPL language Picked ZPL very well.implemented Barnes & Noble check digit algorithm within label as part of base.

NMVW : Worked on MVC project , which is creating of new mvc insight screens. worked on NMVW insight screen navigation bar header that is delivered with little or no issues.

Continuous Integration:
I have been very much opportunistic to be part of implementation of Continuous Integration in SCALE which has many critical tasks to do like merging of unit
test and fitnesse results with two different report formats, and identification of code coverage finally sending data to CI score board.There were lots of Failures in Continuous Integration Machine, ensured that any failures I tried to fix up the issues, so that during release time it has really helped us to identify the issues in the product.

Every week QA // Developer where facing issue when it comes to delivering user story is whether my fitnesse /functional tests passed or not. if test failed for what reason my test failed. Developers or QA where having issues as there was no way to determine from which build this tests  started failing. so implemented a new CI Reporting feature that helps our team to get functional tests / fitnesse tests results via Email that includes information about how many tests have successfully passed or failed. if failed we have html based execution log as well. This has become one of the key aspects on analyzing fitnesse failures which has saved huge amount of time across constituencies (Developer , QA , BA ...)

Web Analytics on SCALE and highlighted advantages of usage on our SCALE Product / any Manhattan product using PIWIK.

Contributed effectively for team interviews within the company or outside the company like getting involved in off campus recruitment drive and successfully involved in recruiting resource for the team. also Involved in preparation of interview question paper.

Created Whitepaper for RDP freezing issue "SCALE Whitepaper - IE Black Bar issue on RDP Session Reconnect.docx"

Aug 2008Dec 2011

Software Engineer

Asoft Technologies

Software Engineer at (3 years 5 months) Skills & Expertise JavaScript SQL Agile Methodologies Microsoft SQL Server SDLC Software Project Management C Java HTML Software Development NET C#Volume Performance Testing FitNesse

Stock Management and CRM:
Stock Management system is a tool which handles end to end transaction of storage, manage and delivery of Stocks from suppliers to customers or supermarkets.
All the stocks are stored in warehouse, and our Stock Management System handles the deliveries, processing of purchase orders, it also captures and handles payment information of supplier /vendor and Customer/Supermarkets.

Lead Management and CRM:
Lead Management is a tool, in which the marketing team approaches leads and leads are there by either converted to a client or nurtured, based on the interest of the lead.
The tool handles leads through processes from capturing leads, managing leads, distributing leads, track and disposition and finally converts and nurture.

Information Management:
Information Management application handles the entire website related information and data. Any user can directly upload the website data directly into his website portal and can maintain his web application by himself. It also manages any type of data like documents, images, videos, Templates and many more.
Technologies Used: WCF, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL SERVER, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Windows Forms.Net.

Chit Funds Application:
It is an application which manages chit funds. The user will be able to create Chits, perform Payments manage its Clients data and can manage auction.
Technologies Used: SQL SERVER, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Windows Forms.Net.

Subscription Management:
It is a system which handles purchasing of subscription, performs payment towards subscription and activates the subscription. It is a robust and a fast application which keeps track of the subscriptions of the products and manages the subscription. It is a very secure application developed on cloud.
Technologies Used: WCF, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL SERVER, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Windows Forms.Net.

A Robust Time-scheduling Application. The Product is in Development Phase since 2 years. This Product is developed to Target Education Vertical. A First Of its Kind, A Cloud Based Web-Application and Windows Application Schedule Management System is based on Client Server Architecture. I am involved in developing User Portal, Web service and Windows application.
Technologies Used: Asp.Net, Ado.Net, C#.Net, T-Sql, SqlServer CE, Windows Forms .Net

Customer subscription:
Client: Saraa
It maintains user subscription automatically notifies whenever a user is added to a subscription it also intimates to the customer by sending an email, before subscription expiry date and it also indicates if account is disabled due to expiration. This application can be used for maintaining newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscription or any kind of online subscription. I was involved in creating parser application and deleter application in this.
Technologies Used: Asp.Net, Ado.Net, C#.Net, T-Sql, Sql Server

Client: Akash Industries
Billing is an online application which can be used by any business men. It generates the Invoice for any business in less time. It manages customer’s data and defines various levels of access control to the application. User can generate and print the invoice based upon the products purchased by the customer. It can be used by large and small organizations.
I was involved in all phases of development of invoice product
Technologies Used: Asp.Net, Ado.Net, C#.Net, T-Sql, Sql Server

Network Simulator:
Client: PES
In Network Simulation, we were supposed to create a DOS environment which has various nodes (Computers/Machines); whenever a machine is overloaded the job is transferred from one machine to other machine (Load Balancing)
Implementation had 5 Modules

  1. Idle Token: In Idle Token Idle Machine signals that it is idle and has no jobs and overloaded machine senses the signal and transfers the job to idle machine for execution.
  2. Busy Token: In Busy Token similar idle but signals are sent by Overloaded machine.
  3. Job scheduling: which job to be transferred and what criteria should be considered.
  4. Time Synchronization synchronizing the time between the machines in the DOS with respect to the UTC Server.
  5. Dead Lock Handling: Whenever a deadlock occurs in sharing of global resources which machine is to be released from the deadlock and allocate resources to which machine. 

Technologies Used: C#.Net, Console Based Application

Auto filler:
Client: Real Bridge Consulting Limited
A mini browser which fills up a form automatically given source is a word document having details
Technologies Used: C#.Net, Windows Based Application




Sport: cricket, chess.
Reading news about science, hi-tech, cloud computing, and space exploration.