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Work experience

Apr 2014Present


Planning & Development Department Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Working as an enumerator in Planning and Development Department GoAJ&K against the scheme “Strengthening of Research Statistics and Library” from 09-April-2014 to date. The department allowed me to work as a joint venture with NESPAK on the study of all the aggregates sources and mineralogical potential of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Working on the “addition of technical data bank to the Planning and Development Department”, which includes the addition of geological data in the department. Got my contribution in the year book “Azad Kashmir at A Glance” and the Annual Development Program ADP.  

Jul 2010Aug 2010


Neelum Jhelum Consultant at Neelum Jhelum Hydral Power Project

Internship with Neelum Jhelum Consultants including terminologies of tunnel, mapping , RQD, rock bolting, grouting, excavation, mucking, blasting, supporting system, problems of tunnels, remedy techniques of different problems, rock behavior, rock supporting load, nature of rocks which are encountered, topography of the area.


Mar 2013Present

M.S Applied Geology

University of azad Jammu & Kashmir

  • Thesis is mainly based upon the identification of fault, study of the stress directions, slicken side measurements, fractures, joints and joint sets, porosity measurement, slicken side sets which mark the paleo-seismicity, type of movement, age of movement, 3D subsurface modeling of the area of toposheet G6 via seismic lines acquired from the petroleum industry. Thesis is being written.

Sep 2008Sep 2012

B.S Hons Appled geology

University Of Azad JAmmu & Kashmir
  • A geological fieldwork of 15 days including Geomorphology, identification of rock formations on the basis of mineralogy, lithology, texture and differentiation of rock units in the Hazara area NE of Pakistan.


  • A 15 days geological fieldwork in Punjab province of salt range(eastern, central, western) including depositional environment, identification of fossils, characteristics of fossils, index fossils for specific formation, age determination of formation on the base of fossils, sedimentary structures, diagnostic features of the formation, different types of structures(faults, folds) and rock potential for hydrocarbons based upon the fossil content.


  • A geological fieldwork of 15 days in northern areas of Pakistan based upon study of tectonics of Pakistan (northern areas), mineralogy, magmatism, volcanism, Kohistan island arc, collision of Indian and Eurasian plate, economic minerals, total observation of igneous rocks, differentiation of magma, generation of magma, eruption of magma, nature of magma ,causes of eruption etc.


  • A geological fieldwork of 30 days relating to the Project Thesis was carried out in the Dadyal, Chhatroh and nearby areas of Mirpur Azad Kashmir and Kanger. Mandhal and Jabbar areas of District Rawalpindi Pakistan.


  • A geological field work of 7 days in Rajian oil field and RIG in the area to study the southern potohar platform zone and RIG operation at the site.


  • A 15 days field work relating to the M.S thesis in the Mirpur & Bhimbher districts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir along with Fullbright Meritorious professor Mirza Shahid Baig in which the neo tectonic field study techniques and Geodynamics field techniques were studied and applied in the field.


  • A geological field of one week with Mirza Shahid Baig and Professor Shahaab Pervaiz regarding the data acquisition for the PAPG conference held at PC hotel at 22nd of June on the Hydrocarbon potential of the Kashmir basin.

Thesis work was done in the field of structure geology including (faults, folds) marking and tracing of faults, types of faults, types of folds, oil and gas potential & lithological variations marking identification. These readings were taken to prepare the structural map, geological map, route and traverse maps. Shooting methods tachniques, three point citing, tape measurements, geological symbols, sedimentary structures, identification of minerals and fossils, formation thickness, extension and topography of the formations and area, diagnostic features of the formation, tectonics of the area were deeply observed during the field. Thesis work was carried out under the supervision of Prof Dr. Mirza Shahid Baig (Fullbright Merritorious Professor), Asst. Prof. Shahab Parvez (Structural Geologist) and Asst. Prof. Iqbal Siddqui (Petroleum Geologist).

May 2004Jul 2006

MAtriculation In Sciences

Oriental Science College Muzaffarbad

Matriculation in Sciences with Physics Chemstry Biology And Maths Combination


Structure Geologist
Working on the Active tectonics of the Jhelum Fault


Oct 2014Present

PM Laptop Scheme

Prime Minister Of the Federal Parlimentary republic of PAkistan
On good performance in my Academics the Honorable Prime Minister Awarded me A laptop with certificate of excellence in my research
Nov 2010Present

Intership Certificate

Neelum Jhelum Consultants
On good performance during my internship the provided me a certificate of good geologist at the site
Jul 2012Present

Thesis Specialization Certificate

University Of Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Certificate of specialization in Structure Geology
Jul 2012Present

Field training Certificate

University of Azad Jammu 7 Kashmir
The certificate of a professional field geologist enlisting the brunton chain mapping secion measurement and other field techniques