Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2009 - Present

Softball coach

Allegan Rec. Departrment

I coach recreational softball to a group of seven to eight year olds.  Each week I have two practices and our games will start on the eleventh of May.  I enjoy interacting with all of the children, they are a lot of fun and they give me a sence of accomplishment.

Sep 2009 - Present

3rd-4th grade volleyball coach

Allegan REC Department

I spend my time now helping 3rd and 4th grade girls become better volleyball players.  I am also a positive role model for them and give them someone to look up to. 

Oct 2009 - Present

House Cleaner

I clean house for a couple of different people, i am responsible to both clean throughly and keep their houses tidy.  I am very good at this and i take pride in making others happy.

Jul 2007 - Jul 2007

customer service aid

Bill's Solar Suds

I delt with many different people on a daily basis.  I had to make sure the laundry mat ran smoothly and that each customer left satisfied.  While there I kept the area inside and out clean and presentable, I also had to make sure the bays were clean at all times.


Sep 2005 - Present

Allegan High School



Volleyball player

I am also very good at volleyball, i have played since i was in third grade.  I was the setter on each team i played on, until my senior year i was moved to the libero.  during the summer months i love to play beach volleyball when ever i can. 

Softball player

I am very good at softball.  As a freashman i was moved up to Varsity to be the backup pitcher.  Within a couple of weeks I became the starting pitcher.  Unfortunatly I hurt my back my sofomore year and stoped pitching.  I next moved to center field, that instantly became my all time favorite position. 

chid care

I have taken excellent care of my now eight year old sister Gabrielle since she was born.  she is a wonderful young girl thanks to me!!

microsoft excel and publisher

I learned how to prepare documents, make professional looking workbooks, and how to do so efficiently.


I enjoy talking to people, I consider myself a people person.  I am hard working and very dedicated to whatever it is I set my sights on at the time.