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Work experience

Jun 2006Present

Retail sales, customer support

Southwest Lock and Key
Jun 2009Present

Sales Representative

As a representative, I manage Avon sales from home as well as online. I am reponsible for marketing the products, managing finances and providing customer service. I also provide demos for customers as well as in-home programs so customers can test products before they buy.



I have studied French for five years and will continue in college at the University of Texas at Austin. While I am not fluent (my reason for not putting this skill on applications that ask for fluency rather than proficiency), I am quite able to assist a customer, though industry-specific jargon will probably have to be learned.
Design (Theatre Arts)
I have recently completed a rigorous course titled HL Theatre Arts as a part of my diploma requirements for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and received a score of 5, the second highest received by the students in the program. I was required to learn about design elements of theatre from several practices from around the world, not just Western culture. I am very proficient in the design aspects of set, costumes and makeup. I recently completed a makeup design project based on my own adaptation of Wassily Kandinsky's line, color and shape theories in which I designed and applied three different makeup designs for characters from Kandinsky's The Yellow Sound. In another complex project, I had to create a complete concept from every angle of design--set, costume, sound, lights, makeup, etc--for a concept I created from the inspiration "I Giorni," a song by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi. I also completed a 4000 word paper which is given the title 'The Extended Essay" by the IBO, which compared the American Avant-Garde Movement in the 20th century to the Ancient Greek theatre and found multiple correlations, and therefore proved that the Movement, which supposedly had no influence from previous eras, actually had a significant amount of material based on the ancient theatre.
Customer Support
Small engine repair
I have a siginificant amount of knowledge about small engines, new and old, as far as their composition and how one should work. I am very familiar with Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, Kohler, and Kawasaki. I rarely work on them, but as far as parts go, I'm very proficient. I also know a lot about trimmers, hedge trimmers, polesaws, blowers, chain saws, etc, specifically the brands Echo, Stihl, Kawasaki, and Redmax. I have also worked with the commercial lawnmower brands Scag, Yazoo-Kees, Encore, and Hustler, and with the more common "box-store" brands AYP, MTD, and Murray.
In the state of Texas, for most locksmithing duties one must have a license. However, some things, such as making keys or selling locks, do not require this prerequisite. Though I know how to do many things, such as installing and rekeying locks, I am only legally able to make keys and sell products, which is why I have my proficiency low. However, I do have a significant amount of knowledge about the industry though I cannot legally do the work.
Bookkeeping (Quickbooks)
Being an employee at my current job (which I will leave when I move to Austin to begin college in the Fall of '09) is having a position that requires a person to be very well-rounded. For most of the day I work as a salesperson, but I am also required to help handle the paperwork end of the business as well. I file charges and payments received, enter all information electronically using Quickbooks, and mail statements to customers.
Retail selling
The ability to sell is a skill that must be learned and refined. Simply presenting a product and waiting for the customer to do the rest is ineffective and falls short. A salesperson must be knowledgeable, do well in customer relations, and be a lively performer of sorts (who wants to buy from a dull salesperson?). I have 5 years of experience in this field as a salesperson at Southwest Lock and Key, a small, locally owned business in my hometown that sells lawn and garden equipment and has locksmithing facilities. In that time, I have learned not only how to effectively promote an industry that I previously knew nothing about, but have gained other skills along the way, such as small engine repair know-how and locksmithing abilities.