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Letter of Introduction

Dear Reader,

My name is Sydney Burn and i would like to thank you for viewing my web portfolio. Here, you will find my acomplishments and works that have developed over the past few years. There is access to my resume, cover letter, three writing samples, three work samples, and my job titles. This web portfolio has been created to provide an easy  and accessible means for communication for my possible future employers. It is also a source that will provide you with more knowledge of who I am and what I am passionate about in regards to my career.

This website is a compilation of my achievements, work experience, education, contact information, and my participation in the Virtual Enterprise program. Throughout the course of my experience in Virtual Enterprise, I have been lucky enough to learn from many oppurtunities that I otherwise, would have never even been aware of. My job as a web designer and social media marketer has impacted the way that I now view business and its different strategies. I have been exposed to a broad spectrum of business ideas as well as unconventional thinking. This website displays my exponetially growing potential and my excitement to take charge in new experiences. This portfolio is a visual explanation of my career readiness and my desire to continue to grow.

Please have a look around my website as you are able to find plenty of valuable information about me. You can easily access my different work samples and comments are appreciated! If you have any questions or concerns regarding my portfolio, feel free to contact me via email. I hope you enjoy your time spent on my web portfolio and I cannot wait to hear your feedback. Have a lovely day!


Sydney Marie Burn

Virtual Enterprise Job Description

During the year long Virtual Enterprise class, i have learned countless tools throughout the curriculum that has  had an enormous impact on my life as a young adult. However, participating in the physical company and having an active role is what has influenced me the most.

My first job was the social media manager. I was part of the digital media sector which created all things electronic. I created and updated the Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram accounts. I kept all of our viewers, subsribers, and followers up to date on Pocket Paradise. I learned how to properly market towards a targeted audience.

My second job was web designing. This was a job in the fundraising department which was in charge of raising revenue to create wells in Africa. I designated the entire 20 Wells Organization 100% on my own. On the website, we informed, educated, and persuaded people from across the world wide web to donate to our beloved charity.

These jobs have sparked in interest in me because it helped me realize that there is a lot of power behind people who will belive and support a cause.

My Writing Samples

More About Me

Work Samples

Work Sample #1:

I created this website in Virtual Enterprise to support our nonprofit, 20 Wells. On the website I helped to educate and inform those about the charity and why we support it. The steps i took to complete it included extensive hours of research and website designing. I retrieved videos, pictures, information, and the history of 20 Wells from numerous sources in order to ensure the best possible representation of the charity. The skills of website design and proper writing techniques are demonstrated in this work sample. These are skills i mainly learned while learning to navigate different website builders. I learned patience from this project. It taught me that hard work can really create something extraordinary. I never thought that I would be able to build a website.

Work Sample #2:

I did not design this website, however, with a colaboration of help from the Virtual Enterprise class, I helped to provide what went onto the website. What i mean by this is that I helped provide the images and information that was displayed on the website. I helped to create photoshopped pocket designs as well as the actual logo of the company. The steps taken in order to complete this work included layering images, basic photoshop knowledge, team work, and long hours of editing. In order to complete this, I used and learned skills in photoshop to manipulate different Images and mold them into what looked best for the website. From this i learned how difficult photoshop can be and how many hours actually go into creating images for the website. I learned that not all of the hard work goes into just designing the website, but also in the little details of the images.

Work Sample #3: Pocket Paradise Commercial

I helped to create the Pocket Paradise commercial during my time in the Virtual Enterprise program. In the commercial we advertised our company and  provided the viewer with an image of who we are and why our brand is valuable.  The steps i took to help create this commercial was coming up with the actual concept of the commercial. I suggested the idea of the zooming in and out of the pocket in order to create a clean transition between scenes. I also helped recruit people to be in the commercial. I learned different advertising and marketing skills as well as how to build a story board. From this project the most valuable thing i learned was how crucial team work is. If we all weren't communicating properly, then none of this would have been executed.

Work experience

Feb 2014Present


TK Burgers

Employed to operate the cash register, serve food, do dishes, clean, bus tables, and to help prepare food.


Child Care Provider

Piatek Residence

Provided assistance to the Piatek household by taking care of two children. Cooked food, cleaned, maintained the household, provided entertainment, and kept everything in proper order.


Aug 2014Present

Irvine Valley Community College

Will be attending Irvine Valley College to study business communications. After two years i will be transferring to UCSD to obtain my bachelors degree. I will enroll in honors courses to further my education.  After UCSD, i hope to attend Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, California, in order to become a professional makeup artist.

Sep 2010Jun 2014

High School Graduate

Mission Viejo High School

Attended Mission Viejo High School for four years. Graduated with honors, AP classes, extensive hourse of community service, academic achievements, and athletic achievements.