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Work experience

Jul 2012Present


UPMC Passavant

Deliver patients breakfast/lunch/dinner trays to their rooms

Deliver patients tube feedings to their rooms based on the rate per hour of feeding

Collect patients food trays after meals were finished

Assist patients with their meal selections according to their diet orders/disease process

Stock kitchens on floors for the patients use

Aug 2006Jan 2012


BRAVO! Cucina Italiana

Provided excellent customer service

Trained 10 new employees

Directed customers to their seats

Estimated customers wait time based off of activity in the restaurant 

Assisted in cleaning off tables and running food to ensure excellent customer service 

Aug 2006Jan 2012


BRAVO! Cucina Italiana

Responsible for taking customers food orders via telephone.

Entered customers orders into the computer system

Organized and packaged customers food from the kitchen based off of their order

Delivered customers food to their car for excellent customer service

Cashed out customers using the computer system based off of how they were paying (cash, credit card, gift card, coupon)


Aug 2008Present

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition-Dietetics Track

Indiana University of Pennsylvania



The purpose of this portfolio is to obtain a job related to clinical nutrition.


Sydney Baker is a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). She is working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition following a Dietetics Track. She is expected to graduate in December 2012. She is a dedicated student and has worked hard to maintain a 3.3 cumative GPA.  She has made the Dean's List four of eight semesters since she has been at IUP. Sydney is a member of the Academy of Nutriton and Dietetics. Sydney is currently employed at UPMC Passavant hospital, where she holds a host/hostess position. Sydney is a hard worker and has been trained to take patient food orders based off of their disease processes and prescribeddiet orders. Sydney is respected by her co-workers and by her managers, she is always willing to help out and pick up extra shifts. Sydney has learned a lot from her host/hostess job. She believes that the time she has spent working in a hospital has helped prepare her for her future. She has learned a lot and looks forward to continue learning after she recieves her undergraduate degree. After graduation, Sydney is hoping to find a job related to counseling nutrition. She would also like to eventually obtain a dietetic internship be become a registered dietetian.

Two Year Professional Goals

One of my two year professional goals is to become a Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR).  Another two year goal of mine would to to earn an award within the company I get hired for. I would also like to become ServSafe certified within the next two years. Another goal of mine would be to start volunteering every two weeks at a local food drive. 

Five Year Professional Goals

One of my five year professional goals is to get a dietetic internship. WIthin the next five years I would also like to get my Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition. After I have completed the dietetic internship and my Masters Degree another five year goal will be to study and pass the RD exam to become a registered dietitian. Another five year goal of mine would be to get a promotion within the company I am hired in, and hold a manager/assistant manager position. 

Work Philosophy

The customer and or patient always comes first

Strong teamwork within the company

Make a positive difference at work

Excellent communication between employees 

Skill: Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is very important in any work place, but especially in clinical nutrition. Having good verbal communication will help my client to feel comfortable with me during counseling sessions. As a client, you need guided through these life changes that you will be making and verbal communication is key to get the results you are looking for. Having good verbal communication between my client and I will ensure that they are getting everything that they were planning on getting out of our counseling sessions. 

My document that I used to show evidence of this goal is my transcription of a counseling session with a friend. It is not a counseling session with any of my actual clients, and my friend gave me permission to use our transcription for my career portfolio. This document relates to verbal communication because throughout the counseling session my client and I were able to throughly communicate with each other and because of this we were able to come up with goals for future. This is a good example of verbal communication because it shows a positive outcome from having good verbal communication with my client. 

Skill: Written Communication

Written communication is also very important in clinical nutrition. It is important to be able to communicate with my clients also outside of our sessions. I need to be able to successfully communicate with them via email to set up our appointments or change them around if a time slot does not permit. Having good written communication makes for less confusion between my client and I. When we both know what is expected and what time and days our appointments are we are both more prepared to have an effective counseling session. If it wasn't for my good written communication between my clients and I, there would of been missed appointments because my clients would of been unaware of what was expected of them. 

My document that I used to show evidence of this goal is an email I sent to another counselor regarding one of my clients who needed to reschedule and couldn't make one of my time slots. Both the counselor and my client gave me permission to use this email. This document relates to written communication because without good written communication via email, this counselor never would of known that I scheduled her a client, and the client never would of known that he had a new date, time, and counselor if it wasn't for my good written communication skills. 

Skill: Menu Formulation

Menu formulation is extremely important in clinical nutrition. In order to have a successful counseling session with my clients I need to be able to help them out in every way that they may need. Being able to successfully plan a menu that fits their lifestyle, their calorie, CHO, protein, and fat needs is a very needed skill in clinical nutrition. Being able to help my clients out whether it be to lose weight or with a specific diet they wanted to try is mainly done through menu formulation. With the information I gain from my clients by using good verbal communication, I am able to make them a useful and informative menu. 

My document that I used to show evidence of this goal is a menu that I planned for my Medical Nutrition Therapy class. This document relates to menu formulation because I had to successfully make up a 24 hour menu for a man who was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This shows that I was able to make a healthy menu plan based off of someone's disease and based off of their weight, height, and required intake. This is an important document to show this skill that I obtain. 

Skill: Plan & Organize

Being able to plan and organize is important in clinical nutrition. I want to be able to plan counseling sessions with my clients, and successfully organize my follow-up sessions to help them out to the best of my ability. Being able to organize objectives and goals for my clients is extremely important in order to ensure they are getting the help that they need to achieve their goals. Without my ability to plan and organize them work-out plans, healthy snacks, or effective topics that relate to them, our counseling sessions would not be nearly as successful. Being able to successfully plan and organize for my clients gives them the best counseling sessions that they need.

My document that I used to show evidence of this goal is a lesson plan that I used in my Methods of Teaching class. This document relates to plan and organize because it shows that I can successfully plan and organize a informative lesson to teach to students. This relates to clinical nutrition because it also shows that I can successfully plan and organize information to teach to my clients. This document shows that I can make up reasonable goals and objectives to go along with the lesson plan. This also relates to clinical nutrition because it shows that I can make up goals and objectives that are measurable  and specific towards each of my clients. 

Volunteer Activities & Memberships

Active member of Delta Gamma Fraternity EH Chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania since December 2008. 

Held two offices: 1) Director of new member education. 2) Director of E-Communications

Volunteered at the Humane Society in Indiana, PA for the past 3 years, once a semester. 

Volunteer at a local food drive by my home town around the holidays. 

Participated in the annual Candemonium fundraiser event in Indiana, PA.