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Career Goals

I am planning to go to college to become a pediatric oncologist. The first 4 years of college I will earn my undergraduate degree. Most of the courses I will take are science related. After the 4 years of college, I will go to a pediatric residency, which will be 3 years long. Next I will go to oncological fellowship, this will be a additional 3 years in college as well. In total, I will go to school for about 10 to 14 years. 


September 2017Present

Fox Cities Leadership Academy 

Appleton North High school
  • Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus 
  • Chemistry 
  • Honors Orchestra
September 2014January 2018


Recognition & Awards
  • Awards- Honor Roll , High Honors, National Honors Society 
  • 3.85 GPA and higher 

Work experience

April 2013Present

Child Care Worker

Appleton , WI

I love working with kids and I have taken four babysitting classes and passed all of them with a excellent score in each, I also passed a CPR class. I will do the ages 6 months and up. I want to be a teacher when I grow up or at least in the education field.

March 2012Present

Canine CareGiver

Appleton, WI

I have a dog and I love taking cares of dogs. When I become 16 years old I am going to place a job in for Tail Waggers and help take care of dogs as well. I help with the Fox Valley Humane Society every month and will do it more often in the summer.

Sport Involvement / Club Involvement 

GBE All- Star Cheerleading 


  • We perform every month and compete at a competition.
  • I learn to trust and to be motivated.
  • I helped be a leader for my team and learned leadership skills.
  • I am a coach, which helps me with responsibility and leadership. 

Middle School Drama 


  • I had to memorize my lines for my part in the play.
  • I needed to be dedicated to show the members of the drama team that I am a trust worthy person. 

Community Service 

Special Olympics 


  • I train participants before the big competition here at Appleton North High school.
  • I encourage the participants to try their best. 

Fox Valley Humane Society 


  • I go communicate with many of the animals and help develop many of their communication skills.
  • I organize laundry and dishes to make them easier to find.


2016- present 

  • I teach a team named Mint. It is a Level 1 prep team, also Rising Stars which is a Level 1 Senior Team.
  • I teach them to be confident and ready to hit the cheer floor at competitions.
  • I teach them life lessons and responsibly for remembering their routine. 

Personal References

  • St. James United Methodist Church  


  • John Wuebben 


  • Kelly Camber 


  • Seymour United Methodist Church 

(920) 833-7308