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I am planning to go to college to become a Neurologist. The first 4 years of college I will earn my undergraduate degree, which will most likely be a major in Chemistry. From my undergraduate, I will then go to medical school and study more about Neurology for 4 more years . Once I graduate from Medical School, I will go to a Residency Program, in which I will have clinical experience, a total of 4 years . In total, to become a Neurologist, I will have to go to school for about 12 years. 

Sport Involvement / Club Involvement

GBE All- Star Cheerleading 


  • We perform every month and compete at a competition.
  • I learn to trust and to be motivated.
  • I helped be a leader for my team and learned leadership skills.
  • I am a coach, which helps me with responsibility and leadership. 

Middle School Drama 


  • I had to memorize my lines for my part in the play.
  • I needed to be dedicated to show the members of the drama team that I am a trust worthy person. 


September 2017Present

Fox Cities Leadership Academy 

Appleton North High school
  • Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus 
  • Chemistry 
  • Honors Orchestra
September 2014May 2018


Recognition & Awards
  • Awards- Honor Roll , High Honors, National Honors Society 
  • 3.85 GPA and higher 



From my coaching experience, I communicate and talk to parent about their child and their progress. Also at my cheer gym, I set up social events that issue me to communicate to people in different areas and companies. 


With all of my coaching, as well as being in the Fox Cities Leadership Academy. I have gained leadership skills that can help me out in an work environment. 


I work a lot with younger kids and people with special needs due to my volunteering and coaching work. 

Work experience

June 2016November 2016


Appleton, WI 

I was a waitress at a local restaurant called Java Warung. From this experience, I am able to be more confident in serving and help customers. I had to leave the job, due to the boss asking for too many hour, in which was bring down my school GPA. 

April 2013Present

Child Care Worker

Appleton, WI

I love working with kids and I have taken four babysitting classes and passed all of them with a excellent score in each, I also passed a CPR class. I will do the ages 6 months and up. 

March 2012Present

Canine CareGiver

Appleton, WI

I have a dog and I love taking cares of dogs. I help with the Fox Valley Humane Society every month and will do it more often in the summer.

Community Service 

Special Olympics 


  • I train participants before the big competition here at Appleton North High school.
  • I encourage the participants to try their best. 

Fox Valley Humane Society 


  • I go communicate with many of the animals and help develop many of their communication skills.
  • I organize laundry and dishes to make them easier to find.


2016- present 

  • I teach a team named Mint. It is a Level 1 prep team, also Rising Stars which is a Level 1 Senior Team.
  • I teach them to be confident and ready to hit the cheer floor at competitions.
  • I teach them life lessons and responsibly for remembering their routine. 

Personal References

  • St. James United Methodist Church  


  • John Wuebben 


  • Kelly Camber 


  • Seymour United Methodist Church 

(920) 833-7308