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Accomplished researcher and manager seeking to apply extensive background in research and finance at an entry-level position in a university or college.  Extremely motivated for a career change and eager to contribute to a school dedicated to providing excellent services to their students, staff, and faculty. 

Work experience


Great Sauk Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America


  • Directing activities at the camp for boys ages eight to fourteen.  
  • Planning and demonstrating activities like: swimming, archery, and canoeing.
  • Ensuring the safety of all boys at the camp at all times whether teaching an activity or life-guarding. 
  • Enforcing rules of conduct to maintain discipline.  
  • General physical labor required to maintain camp trails and grounds.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Stellar leadership skills are required when working with children. 
  • Life-guarding requires constant vigilance in addition to quick reaction time.
  • Teaching children is a challenge that requires patience, eclectic knowledge, and empathy. 
Jun 2009Present

Senior Teller

Bank of America

Daily tasks include:

  • Balancing currency, coin, and checks in cash drawers, vaults, and Automated Teller Machines at the end of each shift.  
  • Calculating daily transactions using adding machines and computers.
  • Cashing checks and paying out money after ensuring endorsements are legal and the amounts are added up correctly.
  • Receiving cash and checks for deposit with accuracy and speed.
  • Examining legal tender and other documents for information like dates, institution names or country, valid identification and legality.
  • Identifying transaction mistakes in my own work and the work of others and taking steps to correct them.
  • Preparing coin, currency, and checks for shipment to Brinks or the Federal Reserve Branch; preparing cashiers checks and money orders.
  • Ordering cash to meet branch needs.
  • Receiving and understanding loan payments, mortgage and equity line payments.
  • Processing term deposit and individual retirement account deposits and disbursements.  
  • Resolving discrepancies in customer accounts.
  • Compute interest, fees, and service charges.
  • Obtain requiste documentation for providing services: opening/closing accounts, disbursing funds, notarial services, etc. 
  • Purchasing and redeeming government bonds.
  • Preparing staff schedules on a monthly basis and adapting them as needed, along with ensuring that scheduled staff hours stay within forecasted limits set by the company.
  • Performing domestic and international wires; quoting rates and exchanging foreign negotiable items (currency/checks).

Skills and Abilities:

I have several skills and abilities that facilitate the accomplishment of the tasks listed above, they are:

  • Resolving customer and employee schedule disputes requires the ability to communicate very clearly verbally and in written format.  
  • I strive to maintain cooperative, constructive, and instructive interpersonal relationships with my customers and colleagues that helps resolve issues, promote friendship and team work, and ensures the sincerity with which I conduct myself everyday at work or at home.  
  • Working with the public requires patience, kindness, understanding, and a thick skin.  
  • I work with financial information everyday, as a result, I have developed a strong sense of discretion when it comes to personal and company information.
  • Adding checks, counting money, and performing transactions all require the ability to interact with computers and data daily.  I am adept at using multiple forms of data analysis to analyze key information to determine whether it is in compliance with bank, state, and federal regulations.
  • I am extremely good at processing information: compiling, calculating, tabulating, auditing, and verifying data of all sorts.
  • I have the integral skills for solving customer issues are active listening and active learning.  
  • Also, self monitored performance is an extremely important component of this job.  It is imperative to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of all data offered in order to choose the best solution for customers, friends, and colleagues.  
Apr 2011Present

Research Assistant

Western Michigan University Medieval Institute


  • General clerical duties including answering phones, filing, and maintaining databases.
  • General customer service duties such as greeting visitors, answering questions about the Institute, Medieval Congress and Western Michigan University verbally and through email, and doing research as necessary for use at the University level.


As a research assistant I at the Medieval Institute I developed a project to research and purchase software for an academic department where budgeting and other financial skills are basic.  I used my understanding of basic accounting and finance to assist professors and administrative professionals gain better skills and understand how and why they need to keep better track of their money.  This required active listening skills, the ability to set and adhere to deadlines, and synthesize complicated information. 

Jan 2007Apr 2009


Chemical Bank

All the duties, skills, and abilities acquired at this job are used as a teller at Bank of America.  Please see that list for details.


Jun 2009Present

Master of Arts

Western Michigan University

The Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University is one of the leading medieval studies programs in the world.  Students that matriculate here are academically extremely diversified.  All academic disciplines are welcomed to apply here and, in fact, many people do not even take history classes before enrolling.  The primary mission of the Institute is to foster discussion and learning through an interdisciplinary program.  As a result of diversity and the discussion it facilitates, students who graduate from here are well versed in socioeconomic s, romance languages, Anglo-Saxon and Nordic languages, history, literature, medicine, occult practices, music and religion.  The only stipulation for many discussions and classes is that it has to be based in something 'medieval' or have origins in the vague time period of 500BCE to 1500AD.  

I fit firmly in the academic diversity of this institution because I have multiple interests.  I specialize in two areas: socioeconomic development in Cornwall in the Middle Ages and William Shakespeare's use of medieval stories,myths, and songs in his plays.  Socioeconomic development in Cornwall stems from my interest in the area after visiting my family there and my natural proclivities towards economic acumen.  My interest in Shakespeare is almost accidental.  I spent many years as an undergraduate at Albion College taking classes from a well known Shakespearean scholar.  He imparted a love of Shakespeare to me that I have continued since.  When I arrived here I was surprised to see that several Shakespeare classes were offered and that they could count toward my degree.  I took one class and was hooked on the idea that many of the most famous Renaissance writers used medieval stories and fables liberally as the basis for their own works but modern popular audiences assume that the Renaissance writers made them out of thin air.

I love writing on this subject, and have, in fact, won awards based on some of my essays.

Sep 2005May 2009

Master of Business Administration

Spring Arbor University

Spring Arbor University specializes in working with traditional and non traditional students.  It has a solid reputation for teaching business management skills ethically and in a manner that is accessible to many different types of learners.  Here I encountered students of all ages and economic backgrounds.  I was able to develop use my colleague's advice and counsel to develop my own style of teaching; my own balance between work, school, and play; my own opinions on major issues present in workplaces today; and my own style of learning.  

The biggest skill I learned at Spring Arbor was not in the classroom.  I worked full time while I attended this school and, thus, had to learn good time management skills, which I still use today.  I did not specialize in a particular subject at Spring Arbor because I am a generalist at heart.  I like knowing information about many different subjects.  I took as many classes as time allowed to expose my mind to all aspects of business.  I utilized this educational diversity in my final project.  I successfully instituted a direct marketing plan for an insurance agency in Northern Michigan in 2005.  

Aug 2001May 2005

Bachelor of Arts

Albion College

Albion College, founded in 1835, is a small, prestigious, private college of about 1500 students in Albion, Michigan.   The standards are high at Albion and I rose to the challenge academically and personally.  I graduated in the top of my class in 2005 knowing that I earned a degree from an institution that requires dedication, talent, and perseverance.  

Academically I did very well at Albion but it is in my volunteer activities through my sorority, Kappa Delta, that I learned true leadership skills that I have taken with me through the rest of my life.  Leading a large group of women as the Vice President of Recruitment is extremely difficult.  There are many opinions, many options, many people to please, but you must always remain true to your own sense of self and the values that brought you to the sorority in the first place.