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Work experience

Production Supervisor


Production Supervisor

Drilling Value Stream, Canadian Division

  • Supervise and coordinate activities of up to 33 CNC machinists and production personnel within Drilling / Machining Department. Coordinate and adjust work schedules as required to meet deadlines and departmental objectives

  • Maintain time and attendance for all employees with Kronos software.

  • Establish team goals to embrace continuous improvement.

  • Re-established 5s standards for machines, work centers with documentation requirements

  • Develop TPM standards (daily/weekly/monthly) checklists with record keeping requirements.

  • Develop work center / operational SOP's for department including LOTO procedures.

  • Implemented quality, NCM reporting and documentation requirements for department

  • Develop/Implement tooling Kanban system that Vendor maintained within specific guidelines.

  • Monitor WIP daily and reallocated personnel or equipment to address bottlenecks.

  • Facilitate department meetings with employees daily to track open issues to ensure timely resolution. 

Dec 1996Feb 2012

Production Supervisor


Work History

Employee Management / Leadership

>Supervised and coordinated activities of up to 28 CNC machinists and production personnel within Value Stream. Coordinated and adjusted work schedules as required to meet deadlines and departmental KPI's.

>Maintained time and attendance for all employees; coordinated, delegated and tracked overtime work requirements to meet internal and external customer requirements.

>Established team goals to embrace continuous improvement. Achieved minimum of 30% Team implemented ideas as generated by implementation of Employee Participation Continuous Improvement Program.

>Facilitated department meetings with employees daily to track open issues to ensure timely resolution.

>Established Skills Matrix and established operator cross training requirements for multiple work centers to increase flexibility and Value Stream operational capacity.

>Operation and use of SAP business management software systems for timekeeping, purchase requisitions, monitoring of component process progress within company/department, tooling/component availability, production dispatch planning.

Technical / Production Management

>Product quality inspections/sign off for product release from department.

>Monitored WIP daily and reallocated personnel or equipment to address bottlenecks.

>Addressed/reconciled quality issues through Kaizen process, A3 and Root Cause analysis.

>Through OEE analysis improved and ensured maximum uptime and operating effectiveness of all production and plant equipment through improved tooling and maximizing off line machine set-up of multi-pallet machining centers.

>Conducted bi-annual ISO Internal Company Audits (RABQSA Certified) resulting in zero non- conformance issues within value stream and company during last annual external ISO audit.

>Ensured maintenance of tooling to a sufficient standard by implementation of Kanban system to allow department to produce product acceptable to the customers prescribed quality standards

>Coordinated emergency shipping and receiving to ensure compliance of customer on time delivery requirements.

>Forklift (Propane), electric walkie operation, production assistance; emergency Hot Half assembly support as required to meet internal and external customer deadlines.

>Implementation and enforcement of daily work center checklists to sustain established 5s standards and machinery /equipment maintenance.

Safety Management

>Through focused safety due diligence efforts, implementation of pre-shift departmental inspections for hazards and daily employee meetings achieved well over a decade with zero medical aid or lost time incidents for teams.

>Upheld the principals of Bill 168 which prohibit domestic violence, workplace violence, and workplace harassment

>In addition to the above, the duties include those specified under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Sec 27. Sec. 28. (Duties of a worker, Duties of a Supervisor)

Jul 1996Dec 1996



Mold Masters Limited, Machinist (July to Dec 1996)

Operation of:

  •  Manual Lathes
  •  Milling machines 
  • Blanchard grinders 
  • multiple Precision grinding machines
  • Quality Inspection
May 1992Sep 1996

Paratrooper / Reserve Regiment

Ministry of National Defense, Canada

Queens own Rifles of Canada (Primary Reserve Regiment augmenting 3 Commando of Canadian Airborne Regiment)

  • Extensive Leadership Training
  • QL 4: Machine Gunner
  • 3 consecutive years of Gold Metal awards for Battlefield Tactical Readiness testing.
  • Parachute, Paratrooper Operations Qualified
  • 13, Full Battle Kit parachute Jumps
  • 2, Full Battle Kit night jumps
  • Expertise in Weapons Handling & Winter Warfare, operations and tactics
Apr 1995Jul 1996




  • Various machine shop duties

  • Manual Lathe operations

  • Manual Milling Machine operations

  • Quality inspection

Jan 1992Apr 1995


Davis Wire Products


  • Manual Lathe operations

  • Manual Milling machine operations

  • Sheet metal brake/shear operations

  • Die/stamping machine operations

  • Machine assembly

  • Forklift operations

  • Die/pin grinding operations

  • Shipping / Receiving requirements

  • MIG Welding

  • Silver soldering

  • Fixture Fabrication

Mar 1987Dec 1991

Business Owner, Machine shop

S. Wood Metal Machining Ltd.

  • Torque Converter refurbishment

  • High Stall torque converter design and fabrication for drag racing industry

  • Various machining projects/contracts

  • Custom machine design and fabrication

  • Electronic Balancing operations

  • MIG Welding

  • Industrial Product Painting

  • Milling machine operations

  • Lathe Operations

  • Drag Racing Team Sponsorships



Sheridan College


Grade 12 Diploma, Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes Secondary School

Sheridan College

  • Communications, 2001

  • Training in the workplace, 2001

  • Assertiveness Training for Supervisors, 2001

  • Production, 2000

  • CNC Machining Ctr. Set/up Operations,1997

  • General Machinist Pre-Certificate of Qualification, 1996

  • Introduction to Numerical Control, 1996

SAI Global: ISO 9001 – Internal Auditor Course – RABQSA Certified, 2011

Industrial Accident Prevention Association:Supervisor’s Responsibilities & Due Diligence, 2011

Canadian Management Center: Management Skills, 2005

Industrial Accident Prevention Association: Supervisor Responsibilities, 2004

Professional Development Internal Training Courses:

  • Six Sigma

  • Lift Truck (propane)

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Manage by Due Diligence

  • Electric Walkie (pallet truck)

  • Goal Setting

  • Effective Communications

  • Violence in the Workplace

  • Time Management

  • Hoist / Crane


  • Motivation at Work

  • Facilitating Meetings

  • First Aid

  • Performance Reviews

  • Basic Hiring Principles

  • Management Skills

  • Respect in the Workplace


Manufacturing Operations
  Lean Manufacturing OEE Analysis  Root Cause Analysis 5s Methodology Kanban Process Employee Development Kaizen Process ISO Audits Goal Setting  


A dedicated Production Supervisor with extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. Major strengths include organization, delegation and record keeping skills with expertise in daily operations, supply management and environmental safety. Experienced in the  implementation and sustainment of Lean Manufacturing and 5s techniques resulting in process improvements and waste reductions. An individual, who is loyal, demonstrates integrity and maintains a strong work ethic.

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • OEE Analysis 
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • 5s Methodology
  • Kanban Process
  • Employee Development
  • Kaizen Process
  • ISO Audits
  • Goal Setting










RABQSA Certified

SAI Global
Jul 2011Jul 2014

Forklift / Electric Walkie

J.H. Ryder Machinery Limited
Oct 2009Oct 2012

Overhead Crane

J.H. Ryder Machinery Limited