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Graphic Designing
I've started using Photoshop to create scenes using the tools I'm given and blanks I find on the internet, which I color and use to make nice looking pictures.
Good Writer
I love to read and write very much because I believe your imagination can get stronger when you read words that help to bring to life what you see in your head.
I can get along well with anyone, so long as they don't get on my nerves.


1. Reading mysteries, fantasy, teen paranormal romances, comics/ graphic novels, and historical fiction.

2. Creating pictures in Photoshop for friends.

3. Writing short stories.

4. Riding my bike.

Work experience

Apr 2007Present

Co-Founder with little brother

Family Lemonade Stand
Sep 2009Aug 2012


Washington Hebrew Home


Aug 2009Present

The Nora School