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  • script / screenplay / storyboard / writing / directing Feature-Length Films
  • songwriting & artist development , production of studio-length radio quality music releases and projects
  • graphic novels
  • video-game conceptualization (character,world,equiptment, & story concept)
  • product promotion and packaging presentation
  • high quality creative works of art in all media / forms


  Erin is a results-oriented senior Artist / Graphic Designer with over 10 years’ varied experience in the visual art, audio production, and film development industries. Expertise in Creative Visual Art concepts and designs in niche market media projects combining art design results with Web marketing initiatives.  Sound interpersonal skills combined with effectively handling multiple projects, developing new business and increasing corporate visibility.

  The diverse artist is out of the southern U.S. area. Currently he is looking to network with other artists and multimedia professionals (film directors, game designers, individuals in need of conceptual design and or artwork). His short-term personal goal is to work as an assistant to develop his skills in the field of film and game design so he can work as a full time professional.  He also has a very long term goal of creating a business plan for a multimedia company specializing in film production. He is currently in beginning stages of the business planning process.

Artistically, Erin is willing to experiment with different forms of media and creativity and is open to a wide range of projects.


  •   Energetic team-player and able to work independently
  •   Innovative and creative problem solving in challenging settings
  •   Optimistic contributer with the power-of-persuasion to direct or assist team-members
  •   Strives to bring the creative vision of the project to the forefront
  •   15 years of experience utilizing the following applications in his accomplishments: Adobe PhotoShop CS, Adobe MacroMedia Flash, Adobe Audition, Adobe AfterEffects, Sony Vegas Video, Propellerhead Reason, GIF Animator, Particle Illusion, Pixologic ZBrush, AbroSoft FantaMorph, ScrewLab, Pinnacle Studio.
  •     Completed C.A.P.A. (Creative And Performing Arts) classes and training work courses
  •     Released and independently produced a music CD under the artist name "P.I.N.T. / Edge of my World" that is currently available on such online retailers as ITunes and
  •     Has a comprehensive practice and versatile understanding of a variety of art techniques such as gradient/shading, stippling, hatching/cross-hatching, line, pointillism, abstract, and vexel.

                                                                                                               CONTACT INFO:                        For more portfolio sample entries please visit my galleries at:                                                                                                            additional e-mail contact info:                                                    [email protected]                                                       


Aug 1994May 1999



C.A.P.A. (Creative And Performing Arts) Visual Art training and course field study


FILM EDITOR / DIRECTOR- Pinnacle Studio /  AbroSoft FantaMorph / Adobe AfterEffects / Sony Vegas Video basic raw footage direction / implementation storyboarding basic composition / edit / transition basic filter application adequate understanding to bring vision to rough draft / presentation
Music & Sound producer
MUSIC PRODUCER / SOUND TECHNICIAN PropellerHead Reason song and track production / pre-mix / composition / edit custom sound creation soundtrack per film / video-game score musician / artist song compositon audio manipulation Adobe Audition audio recording pre-mix composition / placement advanced edit track management filter / effect application ScrewLab transform / manipulation of song comprehensive understanding of edit / theory misc. scratching additons to song
Digital Graphic Designer
DIGITAL ART MEDIA- Adobe PhotoShop CS photo restoration / editing manipulation collage / brushwork creative graphic design (Ad,Promo,Conceptual,Portrait,Freelance) commercial art Wacom skilled vexeling / gradients Adobe MacroMedia Flash basic animation build sound intergration  Pixologic ZBrush conceptual characterization (Build,Scupture,Molding) texture application
Fine Art Artist
FINE ART MEDIA- acrylic / oil painting traditional pens / pencils - (Ballpoint,Mechanical,Colored,Fine Point,etc.) watercolors pastels textile inks Angelus Paints airbrushes sculpture (Clay)

Client Sample Works -c 2008