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I am interested in building and designing systems and workflows that involve storing, processing and searching data at super large scale. Simplicity, elegant abstraction and collaboration are the key motivations to my work. I like borrowing ideas from academia and applying them in industry.


Jul 2014Present

Software Engineer

Informatica Business Solutions

Member of Informatica Cloud Team at Informatica.

  • Developed SAP cloud adapter to fetch metadata using SAP remote function.
  • Added support for SSL, Connection resiliency, Compression of data, Multi level join, Filters support, Test Streaming.
  • Implemented support for client server communication using netty.
  • Design the interface to communicate with SAP system.
  • Gained exposure to a variety of technologies like Apache Tomcat, SAP, spring, hibernate, Amazon S3, perforce, ant.
Jan 2014Jul 2014

Software Engineer Intern

Informatica Business Soultions

Member of Informatica Cloud Team at Informatica.

  • Developed the UI for the standalone utility for SAP BAPI/IDOC metadata fetch.
  • Developed a utility to map the fields of a hierarchical structure.
  • Acquired good skills in designing interfaces.
May 2013Jul 2013


Navyug Info Solutions

Head Ball 

  • Multiplayer mobile game built using Unity3d
  • 2.5D game which supports multiple and single touch events and rich graphics.
  • Its platform independent, It can be deployed on Android, iOS, web,  etc.
  • Acquired good skills in asynchronous programming.
  • Gained exposure to variety of technologies like  Unity3d, git.


Recommendation engine for movies, TV Series, books, artists and game. 

  • Uses freebase, wikipedia, youtube API  to fetch the data.
  • Searching supports natural language, short name of the entries and auto completion..
  • Website is hosted on aws instance.
  • Gained exposure to variety of technologies like AWS, nodejs, jquery, backbone js, mongodb, freebase.

Celebrity Quiz Game

Single player quiz game for android devices.

  • User has to identify the face of the celebrity.
  • Celebrity image is divided into several pieces and points are awarded to the user based on the number of pieces user opened to guess the answer.
  • Gained exposure to variety of technologies like  SQLite, Android SDK, Java.

A web platform to test users hacking skills.

  • User accounts were created state information and sessions were managed.
  • Users have to solve various hacking related problems.
  • Users are awarded with points and ranked according to their skills.
  • Gained exposure to variety of technologies like  LAMP using Apache Server, MySql, PHP, CSS and JavaScript.


Jul 2010Jun 2014

 Bachelors in Computer Science and Technology

Thapar University, Patiala

Technical Skills

  • Operating System: MS Windows, Linux.
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Php, Javascript, Visual C++.
  • Markup Languages: DHTML, CSS, XML.
  • Query Languages: Xpath, SQL.
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB.
  • Platform Development: Nodejs,  Android Development, Microsoft Visual Studio.