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Steven is a multi-talented office and secretarial administrator with some serious I.T. and multimedia chops and over 20 years of experience in multiple fields as a hobbyist and professional. 

Work experience

Mar 2011Present

Case Administrator Assistant

PMSI Settlement Solutions
  • Receives incoming PDF files containing medical, prescription, and legal/insurance documentation and sorts the pages into an organized package for use by a Case Administrator in compiling Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) and Drug Value Review (DVR) reports for workers compensation cases.
  • Created own workflow using Microsoft Access and the open-source PDF Toolkit to automate the processes of sorting and compiling "raw" PDF files into packages based on user-entered index.
Sep 2011Present

Data Analyst/Sales Administrator

PMSI Settlement Solutions

  • Timely and accurate development and production of daily, weekly, and monthly internal and client-facing reports.
  • Proficiency with SQL Server (Database, Reporting Services, BIDS, and SSMS), Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, VBA, and report automation/scheduling processes.
  • Support national sales team with facilitating access and management of application.
  • Prepares price analysis requests and proposals for new sales, upsells, and renewals of existing agreements; maintains current information in on status of these items.
  • Coordinates webinars and other training events, including CEUs.
Jul 2010Jan 2011

I.T. Assistant/Help Desk

  • Temp position through Webb Personnel.
  • Provided help desk and desktop support via in-person service and telephone/email contact.
  • Implemented network-based system for imaging and deployment of new machines using open-source software (Clonezilla, Linux).
  • PC/Mac troubleshooting and repair; Numara Track-It!; Bomgar Support Portal
Jul 2009Sep 2009

Multimedia Designer/Consultant

First Baptist Church of Plant City

Working part-time for on an independent consultant basis editing and preparing weekly video of sermons and special events for podcast on church's web site.

Apr 2008Dec 2008

Document Fulfillment Programmer/Analyst (Contract)

HealthPlan Services
  • Contract position through The Rogari Group.
  • Third-party health insurance administrator.
  • Performed timely updates to existing health and life insurance documents based on continuously updated regulatory requirements, according to work orders submitted by client.
  • Worked on dedicated carrier team supporting one of the company's largest insurance clients.
  • Position required rapid acquisition of skills in VBA, VB6, and SQL in both Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 environments, as well as rapid acquisition of skills in Skywire's Transall and Docuflex data translation and document production systems.
  • Responsible to coordinate peer review of completed documents and to coordinate corporate and senior reviews from receipt of project through deployment to production.
Mar 2003Sep 2007

QA/M&P/Process Manager

AT&T Solutions

  • Provided support for primary metrics packages for AVTS, Managed Security Services, ANIRA, NetGate™, MDNS, and GMIS for senior leadership and middle management teams, produced and delivered within published timeframes on monthly and weekly basis.  Reports document metrics points such as volume, on-time performance, backlog, pipeline, and in-process metrics domestically and internationally by geography, type of service, and service endpoint.
  • Produced ad-hoc metrics reports for various time periods as needed.
  • Provided recommendations with substantiation to accelerate monthly metrics reporting cycle time, reduce manual effort and improve accuracy of results.
  • Performed any necessary follow-ups to verify any possible anomalies in the underlying data.
  • Ensured all processes were thoroughly documented and maintained in a measurements process manual.
  • Telecommuting position in Lakeland, Florida; reported to supervisors in Philadelphia, PA, and Alpharetta, GA.  Frequently attended teleconferences involving personnel from the U.S. and Europe to respond to on-the-spot inquiries and offer suggestions and recommendation relating to anomalies or outliers in published results.
  • Also assisted as needed with service readiness testing for AT&T CallVantage VoIP service and VPN access on the Mac OS X platform.
  • Subject matter expert in administrative procedures and company policies.
  • Position required experience and familiarity with Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Access SQL, IBM Job Control Language (JCL), generic SQL, Decision Support Services (DSS), extraction and combination of data across multiple sources, and ODBC linking between Excel and Access.  Utilized familiarity with Excel Array Functions to streamline the spreadsheet generation process.
Jul 2000Mar 2003

Secretarial Administrator

AT&T Global Network Services, LLC

  • Provided secretarial support to eleven (at one time up to sixteen) first-line and second-line managers in Global Customer Installation & Enablement Support, and Help Desk areas along with their staffs (over 150 persons). 
  • Provided backup support for other secretaries, their managers and staffs as needed.  
  • Assisted measurements and cross-platform support group with preparation of monthly measurement and metric reports and visual presentation of metrics data for monthly presentation to business unit management.  
  • Responsible for organizational ordering of supplies for Tampa facility.
  • Subject matter expert in Microsoft Office and administrative procedure. 
  • Position required expert familiarity with the entire Microsoft Office Professional suite, as well as proficiency with multi-line telephone and AUDIX voice mail.
May 1998Jun 2000

Administrative Secretary

  • Reported to officers of the company and multiple project managers and engineers in day-to-day administrative responsibilities including preparation of correspondence and reports, coordination of meetings and assignments with clients and subconsultants, and organization of presentations by the QA/QC Task Force.  
  • Provided construction support administrative services for numerous construction projects valued in excess of $75 million, including processing of hundreds of RFIs, submittals, and contractor change orders that were critical to the daily progress of large projects.  
  • Assisted MIS Department in minimizing virus damage to computer workstations and portable systems and provided end-user technical support for MS Office applications.  
  • Conducted research and special projects as needed, and assisted marketing representatives in preparation of graphics and proposals.  
  • As procurement specialist, maintained complete subcontract records, tracked subcontract execution, and maintained current subcontractor insurance records and SBA quarterly reports.
Feb 1996May 1998

Project Secretary (subcontract)

Lynn Capouya, Inc. Landscape Architects

Reported to Project Managers in Orange and administrative staff in Newport Beach. Similar responsibilities to above position with Holmes & Narver, except on matters relating to specific projects for which Lynn Capouya worked as a subconsultant.

Jan 1993Jan 1996

Apprentice Clerk Cashier

Responsible for customer service and operation of NCR cash register system.  Also maintain toy aisle of store (ordering, stocking, etc.), reporting to Assistant and General Manager.  Part-time weekend position while studying as a full-time student.

Sep 1991Oct 1992


Gordon L. Luce & Associates, Inc.

Reporting directly to the owner and two vocational rehabilitation counselors, prepared vocational rehabilitation status reports, database information, and vocational rehabilitation forms and records. Employment ended due to lay-off.

May 1991Sep 1991

Secretarial Services

Metro Secretarial, Inc.

Provided secretarial services to executive suites complex and to outside clients.  Reported to owner of company. Employment ended due to closure of company.

Jul 1990May 1991

Word Processing Temporary

Thor Temporary Services
Jan 1988Jul 1990

Customer Service, Stockperson

House of Fabrics


Sep 1990Jun 1993


Alliance Française

Correspondence study in French language and culture.

Sep 1986Jun 1990

Diploma, Honors, University Preparatory Program

Saddleback High School


Visual BASIC for Applications
Visual BASIC
Lotus Notes
Linux OS
DocBook XML
Apple Pages
Apple Keynote
Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Acrobat
LaTeX 2ε
LaTeX is a document preparation macro environment for TeX, a cross-platform document typesetting system originally developed in the 1970s by Donald E. Knuth, author of The Art of Computer Programming and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University.  The TeX system is still widely used for the production of scientific (especially mathematics) literature. (The History of TeX)
Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows OS
Microsoft Office


Jan 2009Jan 2012

Master Typing Speed & Accuracy
Aug 2000Aug 2001

Business Writing Specialist

Jun 2000Jun 2001

MS Outlook 2000 User

Jun 2000Jun 2001

MS Access 2000 User

Jun 2000Jun 2001

MS Outlook Express User

Jun 2000Jun 2001

Editing & Proofing—Chicago Specialist

Apr 2000Apr 2001

Master MS Word Power User

Apr 2000Apr 2001

MS Excel Power User

Apr 2000Apr 2001

Master Windows 95 Power User

Apr 2000Apr 2001

Written English Professional

Apr 2000Apr 2001

High IT Aptitude Professional

Apr 2000Apr 2001

Master Keyboard Typist

Apr 2000Apr 2001

Master Windows 98 Power User



Kenneth Orihood

Steven is a great asset to any organization. He arrives ahead of time and is prepared when the work day begins. He is highly organized and understands the "big picture' when determining the overall project / work goal(s).

William Hagmaier

For the past 2 years, Steven Buehler has served as my administrative assistant and provided technical assistance to the engineers in our department on numerous projects and assignments. Steven has an excellent command of the computer and all programs and formats used in our business. He is very efficient with his time and is well organized. I have trusted him to perform a variety of assignments and he has always completed them on time. He has prepared correspondence on my behalf, coordinated meetings and assignments with our Clients and Subconsultants and organized numerous in-house presentations by our QA/QC Task Force, In addition to his other duties he has also provided construction support administrative services for numerous construction projects valued in excess of $75 million. In this capacity he was responsible to process hundreds of RFI's, submittals, and Contractor change orders that were critical to the daily progress of these large projects.

Steven's assistance was invaluable when our company was hit with a number of computer viruses, Although he works in the Infrastructure Department, our MIS Department requested his assistance in minimizing the damage and interruption to the 300 or more workstations we have here in our building, His assistance was requested because of his excellent computer skills. 

Steven has been a great asset to our Department and he will be missed, I believe his skill set of computer knowledge and efficient organization will serve him well in his future endeavors.

Ron McClarin

I worked closely with Steven for a number of years, primarly through his ownership and production of my organization's metric based reporting. Steven was instrumental in establishing the reports, fine-tuning them, and delivering them without fail, sometimes on extremely short notice. Steven was always diligent in his efforts, and I could always count on him to get the job done.

Steven Sewell

Steven was prompt, efficient, and anticipatory. A quick study who enjoyed learning, Steven added value as a reports writer, turning data into information we could use.

Bill Eckels

Steven was on my team for over four years. He was a top performer and was promoted twice during that time period. Steven's technical skills are beyond reproach and he always delivers as promised. He is an asset to any organization.

Michael Gasparro

Edwin Newman

Steve Smith

Alan Stevenson

Steven is a gifted analyst with excellent mastery of the Microsoft Office suite--including Access--plus a host of other related hardware/software technologies. Steven does not know the meaning of "It can't be done". On more than one occasion, Steven delivered excellent results for vaguely-outlined requirements in a fraction of the time that most others would require. In addition, Steven's interpersonal skills make him an outstanding team member and employee.