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Work experience

Sep 2006Nov 2008


Ashland Railway Inc.

As Dispatcher I was responsible to set priorities, as required, to complete the following duties daily:

·Completion of Train Movement Record including data to:

oRecord Train movements by Date; Warrant in effect, Engine number or Roadway worker, Direction of train by station, time the Warrant is in effect and the time the Warrant is canceled.

oReport Main Line Switch Alignment; Location, Permission Granted To, Time Open, Time Restored, Reported and any Comments necessary.

oFill in the Engineer, Conductor and Switchman on Duty.The Job Symbol, Engine Consist, On Duty time, Off Duty time and Total Crew Hours.

·Responsible for Making Track Warrants for crews or Roadway workers beyond the yard board.

·Communicating with crews and Roadway workers by Radio and phone.

·Printing out Switch list and the necessary paperwork for each crew that comes on duty.

·Efficient and safe movement of trains.

·Keeping track of what work each train crew has to do and where each train crew is located.

·Controlling the traffic in the yard by letting the crews or M.O.W know what tracks are empty, where they can put their cars and where they can work.

·Completing HAZMAT waybills and providing them to the necessary train crews.

·Entering inbound and outbound cars on the journal and e-mailing and faxing it to the appropriate people.

·Maintaining movements off of the Conductor sheets or any necessary movements on TMS Rail Connect system.

·Receiving and dispensing information.The very essence of the dispatcher position is to be the center of the flow of information for customers, Train Crews, MOE, MOW personnel, and Ashland Railway Management.The tools I use for this information flow are the telephone, fax, radio, computer, and face- to- face contact.The information you handle is important enough that there are many methods of maintaining its accuracy, from paper forms and copies to computerized spreadsheets.

·Making notification to customers as necessary.

May 2004Aug 2006

Self employed

Nuskin Enterprise

This was a self-employed Marketing franchise. I had to cold call prospects and have them sign up for Photomax and sell products such as vitamins and cosmetic products. I would train people to do the same thing I was doing and eventually they would train some people to do the same thing. I developed a team and moved quickly at first. This venture was not profitable and I felt it was a mistake. I went back to the railroad when given the opportunity.

Sep 1994Apr 2004


Ashland Railway Inc.

Duing this time at Ashland Railway I perfomed the same tasks as stated earlier in my Resume. The only exception was for 22 months of this time I worked for a subsidiary of Ashland Railway dispatching trucks. The new company , Skye Trucking, haules steel coils throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. I was in charge of booking loads for the drivers and getting back hauls for them.  When Skye trucking was up and running efficiently, I went back to Ashland Railway.


Aug 1985May 1988


I maintained a 2.5 GPA.

Aug 1982May 1985


Millersburg Military Institute

I was an honor student. I recieved the Ward Resse award for leadership.


I have extensive experience in the retail sector as an associate and a manager. In my experiences I set up stores and stocked inventory. I sold directly to customers with success, and trained others to do the same. I would hold motivational meetings. As a team we would meet and exceed expectations.
I have some experience as a brakeman. I am familiar with switching out rail cars and performing air test. I have spent some time training on the ground as a brakeman in the night time and day time operations. I am also qualified on the operating rules ( NORAC ).
All office equipment
I am familiar with all office equipment and computers. I have extensive experience in an office environment and am proficient in Microsoft applications.


John Tridico

Aaron Thompson

Sheila Branham